Happy Birthday to Me!

I knew the garden-party lights would be forever useful!

Holly made awesome, sugar-free carot cupcakes for me! I'm pretty sure I ate 7 or 8.

This is Jack, our landlord.

Nieces & Nephews

"These are the ones I practice on, while I wait for my own to come..."
~Sunfall Festival

These cute kids all live far away in Utah...but, everyone's coming to the beach in June! I can't wait to play with the babies!!

All these balls in the air...

Was I a circus performer in a former life?

The other day I had the thought as I was rushing a plate of almond cherry bars to the church for our relief society women's conference, with a 12-page paper and an online final due the next day (unstudied and unstarted) that I'm getting a great head start on this Mormon mom thing...minus the kiddies.


Stress is constantly fleeting.

Ta Dah!

So, I finally gave in to the magnetic pull of the blogger world. Not that I have a lot to write about, or do much other than the mundane...