Eco Tents and Carribbean Seas

I don't know what my problem is, but I have not been in the mood to blog. I haven't even had random strokes of blogging genius type ideas pop in my head. Maybe my creative juices are being wasted on trying to make class B commercial real estate buildings look like class A.

Regardless, I am forcing myself to blog tonight.

St. John. Maybe this will get me in the mood. (note: it did for a few minutes and then I got I'm finishing this a week later.) The photos are not in any order. Sorry, my mood is not going to extend that far :).

This was fun, we (the boys) chartered a sail boat to take us out to another little island to snorkel around. It was an amazing little cove with a reef covered with beautiful coral--so many kinds I lost count.

TimAfter hiking over from one bay (salt pond) to another (ram's head--I think?) we decided to take a "short cut' which turned into trail blazing through cactus and yucca. We ended up coming to our eco resort from the opposite direction and got to climb these bad boys...
on the hike
The kitchen in our Eco Tent. Matt found our lodgings on the other side of the island (if I new directions I would say north or south, but I have no idea...). It was quite a journey of hitch hiking, taxi-buses, and public transit to get to and from, but it was quite our own little paradise. And I felt so green using a solar-powered electrical system, solar-heated shower, and the ocean breeze for AC. We are making pancakes and eggs (this is Matt).

Our Eco Tent from afar...we were the third from the left (those little guys in the background)

Cinnamon Bay (we camped here the first night)

Rams Head. on our "hike"
The day it rained. We got so lucky with the weather. It was supposed to rain on us the entire weekend, but it only lasted the first day.The view from our Eco Tent balcony
It was a great trip! I love that travel is big on Tim's priority list and that he was a good sport to "rough it" in our eco tent. The hippy in me absolutely loved it! It is a really good test to see if you can travel well together and I think we both passed :).

Whoever said...

...that Balboa Island would be the perfect place to fall in love obviously has never been to our nation's capital in the spring. Pretty sure this is perfection or pretty close to it.

We ran down to the Cherry Blossom Festival yesterday before General Conference started. I'm kind of liking the time difference from here to Salt Lake and having the full morning to get stuff done and then really enjoy the Good Word.

We were surprised to come upon this scene as we were walking back to the metro. Under the shadow of the Washington Monument was a see of Yogis. Hosted by Lulu Lemon, the goal was to have 1,000 people practicing yoga on the lawn of the mall. Oh how I wished I had gotten this memo or at least been wearing something other than jeans so I could join them. It was Tim's first real exposure to yoga after hearing me talk about it all the time. Yoga on the Mall.