Secret Love Affair...

You have bewitched me, body and soul!
(name the classic. i know you all know where this line comes from)


You know who you are, Southern California.

Frequently when I talk to someone in my family I hear something about me moving back to Utah. "Did you find out if you can finish your program here?" "It sure would be great to have the Mini parked out in front of the house again." "When are you coming back?" "I have someone I want to set you up with. He said to let him know as soon as you move back." "Are you going to come back after you graduate?"

I cannot apologize for this. How could I leave this place, this paradise? I mean, I love my family! I come from the school of inclusivity not exclusivity. I can live here and love my family too! Right? Exactly.


Spring Break 2008~

What is spring break in grad school when you have responsibilites to a job and an internship?? One night off? That's hardly a break. Well, This year, I allowed myself to be talked into taking time off work (no paid vacay for part-time employees) and paying $$ to learn. I'll be attending a 3-day conference in San Diego with this man, Michael White. He's coming from Australia and is one of the founders of Narrative ideas and practice.

Someday I will write about the wonderfully mind-altering things I am learning about humanity and this therapy called Narrative. But not I want to share (and try to not rub it in too much) where I will be staying next week during my spring break while I learn more about how to help people change their lives.

Welcome to Paradise Point Resort and Spa...

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Is this really my life? Do I really get to be this lucky and by lucky I mean blessed. But I hesitate to use the word "blessed" even though I do give credit to the Creator for all that is good in my life--but hesitate because I know that the luckiness of my life does not in any way make me more valuable or loved than any one else! And then I have to acknowlege that luckiness in life may look very different to someone else than it looks to me.

However, I do feel a strong sense of responsibility that comes with this luckiness in my life. If I get my way, it's a lucky sort of training camp for the future changing of human consciousness. It's definitely a lucky sort of training camp for the changing my consciousness.

Whale Watching - Saturday March 22

There isn't much that I love more than being on the water on a warm, sunny day. Throw in a family of migrating gray whales, barking sea lions and frolicking dophins with some good music and fun people...oh and a yacht...honestly made for a fabulous afternoon.

Aaron & Britney, Rodney & Lisa, Clinton & Jason...and my pastey whitey self :)

Lisa, me, Debbie, Britney, Erin, Amber, & Melissa (above, not below)

This is Jack, Melissa's baby. He's 18 months and so cute. It was so much fun to have him around. That night, little Jack and I got to hang out while his mommy went to dinner with friends. I haven't gotten to hang out with a munchkin in a long time. He was so good, considering it was his first day meeting me and had to go down in a new house. Good practice for me!! Once I started to sing to him (which reminded me of this Brite Music song about a mommy singing less than musical lullabies) he calmed right down and eventually fell asleep laying across my lap. I was surprised by how hard it was to think of songs to sing. Finally I just started singing hymns and I had a very sweet and personal experience singing "Love One Another".
Thanks, Melis, for letting me watch Jack!

Happy Spring!!!

Hurray for Spring!
While we don't see many of these, I'm not sure anything
can compare to how fragrant Southern California is in the Spring.
I have to post something else. I don't like having the previous post's photos staring me in the face everytime I open my blog to listen to the tunes.

I have been neglectful on several accounts lately.

First to my blog. There are events of the last 7 days that I have wanted to post, but alas I have not. Coming soon!

Second to my little car. The lephrachan has been so good to me and I have been very negligent. I hadn't cleaned him, interior or exterior, in a very long time. I was 400 miles past the due date for service. The brakes started squeeking a couple weeks ago and I, yes me, I waited until I heard a screeching last week to take it in. And I was supposed to have the tires rotates almost 10,000 miles ago. A million dollars later... He is looking pretty and sounding very nice. So sorry Lucky!

But, I have to give myself credit for going to the gym 7 times in the last 3 weeks! That's a record high for me this year! And I've read four books for fun this year and I'm close to finishing a school book. Maybe neglect is just getting a new more self-neglect.

what we do in utah on a friday night...

I know that says 9:20, but it's really 10:20 in Mountain Daylight Time.
I did spend some time with my family earlier, this wasn't what I did all night.
Thank goodness for Cafe Rio, Trivial Pursuit, Phase 10, SkipBo, and Super Smash Bros.
No one slipped as in slipped and fell down, but the floor was slippery, so their footing at times got a little off. They placed 7th overall!! Whoo Hoo!

2008 USA Cheer Competition

The start to a 85% fabulous weekend!!

I was pushing it to get to the competition in time. Timpview had the 8:30 am slot (Friday the 7th), so I prayed for no traffic the whole way there, and then ran in heels a couple blocks from their hotel to the Anaheim Convention Center, passed an accident on the corner of Katella and Harbor, kept running, realized that they were only taking cash, found an ATM (paid the $2.50 fee) ran back to the ticket booth, bought my $18 one day pass, and ran into the arena to find out Timpview was "on deck". HA. I was so worried that I was going to miss it, it was all I could do to hold back the intensity tears.

I couldn't be prouder of Bethany! She is a beautiful girl, inside and out! Ah.

I have to include a disclaimer, even though the girls did awesome!! as you watch, you might notice how slippery the floor was.

Why did God make men and women so different?

The Hotel Cafe Tour

Okay. Can I just say how incredibly excited I am for this show tomorrow?
No, like seriously stoked!
My li'l sis is in town for USA Cheer Competition
with her super song squad (from my alma mater, Timpview High School. woot!)
and we are going to have a blast!!
"one bus, one band and a bunch of friends on the road."

if you're not jealous yet, listen awhile. my new playlist is all artists that will be there :)

tagged by my high school friend

I kinda like these tags, so thanks for tagging your high school friends, Holls!

-2 names you go by: Charity, Chastity

-2 things you are wearing right now: My old, orange suede slippers and a gauzy, green scarf and nothing else...just kidding.

-2 of your favorite things to do: read a good book and breathe the ocean air

-2 things you want very badly at the moment: to get rid of the blueish bags under my eyes and to be able to eat a carton of Dryers Oreo ice cream

-2 favorite pets you have ever had: Hopscotch, my hamster was my first-ever pet and McKenna, a gorgeous, sweet, blond retriever who we only had for a couple months before my mom gave her away, but those couple months she went everywhere with me (that was my junior year at BYU).

-2 things you ate last: That reminds me that I'm hungry. I ate a small baked potato and a breaded chicken tender (microwaved at school in between classes).

-2 people you last talked to: I just said hello to my roommate, Holly and before that I talked to my professor, Ann Arnold (super cool lady).

-2 things you are doing tomorrow: Meeting with my cute clients at the high school and hopefully meeting up with my cute sister, Bethany, at the Happiest Place on Earth!

-2 longest car rides: Gilbert, AZ to Salt Lake City, UT... and gosh this is hard, um Provo, UT to San Francisco, CA??

and I'll tag my book club friends!