After five months of living in a shoe box on my dresser, my jewelry finally has a home.

I found the Guatemalan shelf at the thrift store on base at Ft. Hamilton. The framed decorative grate is Pinterest inspired.

I still need to find mini S hooks or figure out a way to rig some craft wire so I can hang bracelets and my necklaces with thinner chains.

But really, I'm just excited for any little thing that makes our apartment feel more lived in.

Happy Movember!

catch up.

1-2. Coney Island Labor Day 3. Early Autumn on my street 4. Madison Square Park and a nearly full moon 5. Glamming the streets of Manhattan (that's gold paint on the tree covers) 6. changing leaves outside a Home Depot with the best looking facade I've ever seen 7. evening commute 8. Friday night dinner and a movie 9. number 8's dinner, chilequiles 10. Free Friday at the MoMA 11. one of my favorite places in Manhattan, a crafter's dream 12. Lady Liberty -- Happy 125th Birthday!

1. brooklyn bridge 2.  great story put on stage, finally! 3. bebe on the bk bridge 4. the kitchen on my floor at work, all you can eat cereal all day 5. the view from my desk 6. grand central station 7. buy American 8. pineapple fried rice 9. blue crabs in chinatown 10.  the halloween parade in greenwich, aka: the village 11.  church harvest party activity site map (created by yours truly) 12. sidewalk graffiti 

1. getting out of the city 2-3. sharing a drumstick 4. vintage bottle cap collection 5. getting lost in all the vintage loveliness of a barn sale 6. some of my treasures 7. est. 1731 8. type setting 9. city boys lugging their spoils from the country 

I promised myself

That I would blog this weekend.
So here it is just in case I don't get around to something more substantial.

I love Redhook. If I squint at the buildings I can see Spot Collins shoot a marble from a sling shot peeking out from a roof top. It's so old and charming. That reminds me, I need to blog about Newsies at the Play Mill in NJ along with the last 10 months of my life. Fabulous.

I wonder how old these cobble stones are.