November 3rd

(IF YOU CAN ONLY GO TO ONE BOUTIQUE THIS NOVEMBER GO TO BIJOU!! ) but this one is for a good cause too.

A couple months ago, I got a random email from a woman who works for Heritage Schools in Utah County with an invitation to participate in a fundraising boutique on Nov 3. With Bijou and the big move coming up, I had to cancel. But, that doesn't mean you local lovelies can't enjoy!

So I told her I would spread the word. All vendors will be donating a large portion of their profits to Heritage School's Sub-for-Santa program. I wish I could've helped with the e-flyer... I would've gladly donated my time.

More Hooah

I don't watch the I'm not sure what I was expecting to see on a US military base in Iraq, but it wasn't GMC trucks.

Today's as good a day as any

to spill some beans. (Where does that phrase come from?? So weird. How is spilling beans related to revealing a secret?)

Now that both of my grandma's know, I'm ready to tell everyone else that I'm moving. Yes, after a year-long "pit stop" in Utah, it is finally time to grow up a bit and move on...and across the country. I've done the west coast thing and now I'm ready to try out how the easterners do things. I think I mentioned that when I was in Washington DC this summer, I absolutely fell in love with the place--the pulse of the city just sunk into my bones. From salsa dancing and eating amazing Cuban food in Adams Morgan to strolling aimlessly through the outdoor market behind the Capitol to navigating the metro by myself to staring up at the Washington monument and being overwhelmed by the emotion of the Vietnam memorial, I got a glimpse of what it would be like to make our Nation's capital my home for awhile. But really! I'd be lying if I said this move has everything to do with my love of urban living and patriotism and absolutely nothing to do with a boy :).

So, in about three weeks, I'll be flying with all the possessions I can fit in two suitcases and a carry on to a new city with new roommates and a brand new adventure. I am so excited. Even through the overwhelm of packing and deciding what to take and what to leave behind and all the unknown, I catch myself getting giggly with delight.

More on this later, I'm sure.

I should be asleep

It's past my bedtime, but I'm missing my pre-sleep ritual and having a hard time winding down. Apparently the army likes to disrupt my routine :). I know there are a few spies ;) out there...I thought you might like this video too. (the stache is gone, ps, if anyone was wondering.)

You learn something new...

Maybe I am a little slow and I'm learning things everyone already knows. But, I learned a few new things in the last few days that I am so stoked about.

  1. has an audible pronunciation feature. I had never noticed the little speaker icon before the other day, I clicked it next to a word I was trying to learn and it was amazing. One incredible feature. The word was escutcheon. es ku chun. It means a shield displaying a coat of arms.
  2. Every star in the universe has a unique infrared signature. Today at my singles ward's FHE we had a guest speaker who is one of 93 people who qualified to fly the blackbird--SR71 spy plane used during the cold war. The plane uses the stars to navigate even during the day when you can't see the stars by identifying the most prominent star in the sky by it's infared waves (i.e. energy/vibe) and then from there, identifying two more stars creating a triangle to use for navigation. amazing. I love the stars and their spiritual significance--so I'm already thinking of ways to incorporate that into my personal gospel perspective. This presentation was so rad. example...the blackbird cruised at speeds of 35 miles per minute and at altitudes around 80,000 ft. Flight time from LA to London was 3:47:39, coast-to-coast in just over 1 hour! That would come in handy for me in the near future. Pres Reagan, shortly after his inauguration, started sending the plane over Cuba to let out a sonic boom here and there to send a message to Castro (I like that one). It only took 20 second to get airborne. Can you imagine the g-forces on your body?? It wasn't uncommon from the altitudes it flew for the pilots to see the curvature of the earth. The line of sight was 500 miles...meaning from the air, they could monitor LA and San Francisco at the same time. What a cool plane. ps, there's one in the Smithsonian annex at Dulles airport.
  3. Anyone can sell books on it is SO easy and I am having SO much fun with this! I posted the majority of my text and reference books from grad school, just under the lowest price already posted, and within 24 hours I have already sold 11 books. I'll be using the money I make for my first month's rent... oh, but that's for another post. stay tuned for some exciting news. Well, I'm excited.