Congratulations, Liz!!

Congrats to my cute sister-in-law who just won the Scrapbooker of the Year! She is so talented! See her work here!

Go Liz!!
I finally applied for and received a California Driver's License and I'm glad I didn't wait another day. The Newport Beach Police van followed me onto the island the other day. One block. Two blocks. Lights flashing. Dang. One of my taillights has been out for a pretty long time and let's be honest, it was only a matter of time before I got caught. So, I pulled over and rolled my window down, handed him my *brand new CA DL* and said with a really naive look on my face, "Is it because of my taillight? I know I need to get it fixed." And he said, "Well, that and your speed." (Oh, didn't I mention that part? Whoops.) But then, oh blessed day, he looked at my license and said, "You live here?" *smile* "Ya, but the car (which has Utah plates) isn't mine..." followed by a lengthy explanation of why it's not registered in California)... and then my stroke of genius: "Where's a good place to get a taillight?" Then he proceeded to tell me about how when 'the taillight burned out in his Z3', he looked everywhere and finally had to take it to the 'BMW dealer'. Yes, he was wearing a wedding ring ... and then he noticed he was blocking traffic and said he had to go. Gave me my new license back and bid me 'good day'.

Sweet talking daughter-of-a-gun!


The heat wave is supposed to be subsiding.
I know it could be so much worse.
But, when you're used to75 degrees, 95 is just too dang hot.