I love paint too!

Those who know me well know that I love to paint. I'm not talking pretty pictures. I love to paint walls, wood, furniture. I am a HUGE fan of spray paint.

As much as I love painting, there are some items that cannot be painted until their original finish is removed. Not always the most fun job, but I just found this fantastic tutorial for stripping paint on a new-to-me blog, Natty by Design.

She uses this...

to make the paint look like this...

So you can do this (in only 3 hours mind you)...

and then this...

I am seriously coveting this desk and am putting out the best and most intense vibes I can for my future workshop. Please come into my life sooner rather than later!

I need a new job!

Sitting, it would seem, is an independent pathology. Being sedentary for nine hours a day at the office is bad for your health whether you go home and watch television afterward or hit the gym. It is bad whether you are morbidly obese or marathon-runner thin. “Excessive sitting,” Dr. Levine says, “is a lethal activity.”

This article published in the NY Times last week is seriously tempting me to slip into depression. When I think of my life over the next 18 months or more, I will very likely be sitting at a desk for 9 hours a day. While I do fidget quite a bit, it still probably won't be enough to counteract the ill effects of my pseudo ergonomic desk chair/straight jacket.

Dr. Levine... is exploring ways for people to redesign their environments so that they encourage more movement. We visited a chairless first-grade classroom where the students spent part of each day crawling along mats labeled with vocabulary words and jumping between platforms while reciting math problems. We stopped by a human-resources staffing agency where many of the employees worked on the move at treadmill desks — a creation of Dr. Levine’s, later sold by a company called Steelcase. 

Dr. Levine was in a philosophical mood as we left the temp agency. For all of the hard science against sitting, he admits that his campaign against what he calls “the chair-based lifestyle” is not limited to simply a quest for better physical health. His is a war against inertia itself, which he believes sickens more than just our body. “Go into cubeland in a tightly controlled corporate environment and you immediately sense that there is a malaise about being tied behind a computer screen seated all day,” he said. “The soul of the nation is sapped, and now it’s time for the soul of the nation to rise.” 

Oh, I know this feeling too well, this malaise he refers to. I'm feeling it right now. My body was not created to sit still. Someday I will be my own boss and ditch this cube and all cubes forever! 

it's all over the news

on my way home from work yesterday and to work today I listened to a conversation between Tera Warner, the raw foodie who brought to you WISH, and Seane Corn, an internationally-known yoga teacher and social activist.

Their conversation brought up many things for me, including an intense desire to study yoga more deeply. But more present to today they spoke about the news and how amazingly bad it is. I almost shouted out loud to my ipod, "I know!! It's SO bad!"

I was watching CNN yesterday--only because it's what they keep the keep the kitchen TV on here at work--while filling up my water bottle. Suzanne whatever her name is, you know the lady with the orange skin (Is that bad? I swear I'm not judging, she really does have an orange tint to her skin. Maybe she eats a lot of carrots) was interviewing an American teacher who has been living in Japan for the last nine years about the earthquake and his perception of the damage to the nuclear plant and specifically about the Japanese government's "purposeful withholding of the truth" and the change in the intensity ratings--making it comparable with Chernobyl. This man proceeded to tell the world about the Japanese culture and how it was not an intentional withholding of truth on the Japanese government's part, but a cultural thing, and how the change in ratings did not change the levels of toxicity and presented his optimistic perspective, only to have the interviewer shamelessly interrupt him again and again to lead the conversation down dark and pessimistic paths. I was shocked as I have never before witnessed such a blatant excavation for bad news and spinning what could be looked at a little more hopefully downward into what the network media would have us believe are increasingly despairing times.

this is not the actual interview referenced here
All the more reason to practice yoga instead of watching the news. Or watch Paula Dean which is what I usually turn the channel to during my lunch break. So much more entertaining and uplifting!

Do you ever...

...look through your list of posts and realize you have a draft that was never published? Here's one such post, I guess better late than never, even if we are no longer living in the love nest.

love nest: completed

The kitchen is done! The Captain did such an amazing job. I am so lucky to have found a guy as handy as he is. The cupboards are filled with new things--dishes, pans, bakeware, flatware, and we even have an iconic kitchen chicken name Chick-a-dee China or China for short--thanks to family and friends and wedding well-wishers.

He documented it here, so take a look already!

loving these right now

unbelievably shocking to the taste buds, but sooooo good! yes, these are kumquats.


I tried to save a buck. It was not worth it.

CVS brand advanced healing ointment is NOT the same thing as Aquaphor.

I've got a serious nesting itch

Polly Wreford via twig & thistle
Oh man. I love this bathroom. LOVE the wall color and the white contrast. It's so fresh and fun. 
 Move 2 of 3 complete. The Hayes house is rented and we are biding our time in a garden apartment (aka: basement) just across the street. It's an interesting thing to go from a 4 bedroom house to virtually a studio apartment. I guess it will be good preparation for Brooklyn. We got lucky, though, it's a steal and will be more than sufficient for the next two months until my 3rd and final move in six months.

That, by the way, does not count my upcoming project to move out of my mom's house in Utah. Sometime in the next couple months I will be making the trek West with the purpose of liquidating all my STUFF that I've been storing in my mom's basement. People. This is a big deal. I have a lot of STUFF. And some really good STUFF at that. So get ready, because I'll be hosting a week-long liquidation yard sale. More details to follow as they come.

the nerds love april 1st

  Google does it again!  Motioning your way through email composition. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Can you imagine? Pretty funny stuff, Google.