Mormon Mission Biz -

This is kind of a cool story. I like good press for the Church...not so sure what to think about the final statement, but sure--why not look forward to having 5 kids??

Mormon Mission Biz -

Hayes Loves Butterflies

I wish you could hear his laughing more in this, but I still think it's super cute! I made all these cute mobiles, including this butterfly one, and tried to sell them at Emily's Bijou Market, but they didn't sell at all! I was a little suprised, but oh well! I'm glad Hayesie likes it!

Can I be a rockstar too?

This is what I ate for lunch today: the best shrimp & crab enchiladas I've ever had and a virgin pina colada. My co-workers said Lauriol Plaza, a mexican patio in the district would become my favorite and they were proven correct.

This is where I ate a few nights ago, buddha bar. That really made me feel like a rockstar. It was their first soft opening and their liquor license had not come in yet, so all the fancy drinks were alcohol free. It was my kind of event. Pretty much a free for all on the food and the fruity drinks. I wish it wasn't so dark inside, none of my photos turned out.

An ap for this??

myPantone just might be the straw that breaks this camel's back. I have been a loyal Sprint customer for many moons and would be very sad to abandon my trusted wireless network. I know I would continually be frustrated by At&t. Am I willing to suffer the consequences in order to align myself more completely with my Apple roots?

This just might do it. "Imagine walking past an Italian bistro where you spot a patterned tablecloth. Launch myPantone and take a picture. The auto extraction feature will create a color palette based on the colors in the image. You can use the palette in the travel brochure you've been working on, or to redecorate your kitchen."

I agree, Felix, I like this the best too.