Thats what you call a lateral move within your place of employment. It's not quite a promotion, but definitely a change in responsibilities. I haven't quite decided if my recent lamotion will be a good thing or not. Keeping the marketing coordinator, I get to ditch the "administrative assistant"...thank goodness no more fetching coffee...and trade it in for "leasing something, tbd." maybe I will be the "marketing and leasing coordinator". oh the joys of working for a small company.

Am I digging myself into a real estate hole, never to be escaped from? And if so, am I okay with that? My only true concern is how will it read on my resume when I start sending it out to the boroughs?

BTW, if any of you have connections in the big apple...pretty please drop me a note!

A thousand words...

It's the only one I've got and I had to borrow it from my little sister who has connections with our photographer (Jenna Rammell).

Stay tuned for details from the day and more pics. I can't wait for the rest of them!

Final Countdown

It's the Monday before my wedding day. If I thought my emotions were all over the place last week, they are even more intense today.

The Captain is now very familiar with my "business mode" which I have been in all day. In between actual work tasks I have ordered sandwiches and a veggie tray for the informal "drive thru" luncheon at my mom's between the sealing and reception, called the cake lady, made an appointment for a pamper hour, sent off several emails including one with the band's set list to the Captain for approval, one to my sisters so we can schedule some hang out time, and one to my glorious Receptionista's (aka: Mom and Dana) with some last minute updates.

It's definitely coming together and just barely under budget. I can't believe I did it--it's an absolute fiscal miracle.

Keeping our fingers crossed for a dry day with a few high, white clouds and for this cold to go away.