it's raining today...

but the other day it wasn't and i took a shortcut through the grass and the aroma of fresh-cut lawn wafted through my senses. i thought to myself, "i am one lucky girl to be able to walk through lush lawn in the winter."

so sorry for those who live in cold places.

and then i found this photo, cause i was looking for an illustration to represent my experience. i can't use this seriously. my toes are about half the length of these ones! are you kidding? they look like little people instead of phalanges!

happy birthday alejandro!

yes. the good idea is now sold and gracing the room of a 6-year-old boy. it only took me 1.5 hours and one short but deep screw driver wound to take it apart (enough).

My room is already more inviting and my bed more comfy, even if it's just a matress on a floor.

& happy half-birthday to me!

Once upon a time there was a good idea...

I'm selling my loft bed. Such a good idea with so much 'neath me storage.

It's just not inviting and so awkward to climb into. Maybe that's why it's not inviting. I gotta switch.

So, if you know anyone in Orange County who needs a loft/canopy bed, I'm throwing the cute red curtains in for free. Not to mention free assembly. This thing was a beast. By far Ikea's pieciest piece of furniture.

Not complaining, but I'm really ready to have a normal life again!
Last night, th bf and I caught the 9:30pm showing of "Bee Movie" (great flick, btw), picked up dinner to-go from Ruby's on the way to the theater and ate in the parking lot for our weekly "date night." Since he'll be in San Jose this weekend for the USC-Cal game, we had to go out during the week which means after 9 pm for me.
He really has been so patient while I'm in school and never complains about how few hours I'm around. Just sweetly calls every day on his way home (around 5pm) to see when I'll be home. A lot of people have told me to enjoy dating, because you see each other more during that phase than when you're married. I really, really hope that isn't the case for me.
And I hope I can keep this up for another six months! (no, this isn't an announcement.)