Mission Accomplished

We cut it close (literally and figuratively--as there wasn't any left over fabric), but my wedding dress is 98% complete and my mom is back in happy valley. I could totally wear it as it is now, it just needs some finishing touches. What a huge relief. My mom said it was like birthing a baby, a very painful process but in retrospect, very worth it. The best parts are that it came in about $100 less than I had initially wanted to spend and I got to have my mom around for a few days.

More on the weekend later...

So Proud

Tim just got a call for his 5th interview out of 8 endodontics residency programs that he applied to. Which means over the next month he'll be coast-to-coast and in between, including a quick trip to NYC (w/ yours truly??). I'm so proud of him and the way that he presented himself in his applications AND how he presents himself in person. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for acceptance letters in October!
Correction...it was his 4th call for an interview, but that still pretty great!

Crossfit kicked mine.

I am barely able to walk again after Crossfit kicked my boo-tay. What a fantastic workout!

This week has been a very good week

And it's only Tuesday. I guess I'm letting the weekend be a part of this week, too. It doesn't really want to be a part of last week. I can't blame it! I wouldn't want to be a part of last week either. This week is much better. And the reason why has something to do with this...

This story (video) link was on a friend's gchat status with the dare, "just see if you can not cry". I watched it. I didn't cry, but I was trying very, very hard.

Not because the Captain is dying. He isn't, thank goodness. Not because I live in Brooklyn. I don't, though I'm sure it's great. Not because I have secret dreams of one day being animated. That's not really a goal.

But because I'm finally starting to understand what married love has the potential to be, thanks to this guy (haha! sporting his new "manpron" that I made him--you can read about it here).

There are good things about being engaged!

Change is gonna come

I've been feeling for awhile that I should do something different with my diet. I try to eat pretty healthy, but as I have realized, I eat like one of six children--if you don't eat fast, you don't eat at all and somewhere in the struggle for food (it wasn't really that bad) I lost the satiation notification--you know, that bell that goes off when you're full. So, even though I don't eat "fast food" or "junk food" and I avoid refined sugars, I definitely don't always feel great after I eat. Honestly, I think it's affecting my energy level and therefore my motivation for exercise. Not a good thing for this metabolism that finally seems to be slowing down bit by bit.

Next Week

My beautiful mother is coming to visit me & Washington DC next week. I couldn't be more excited! Her mission & mine? To create a new bodice for my wedding dress (though I think she's more excited for the Glen Beck rally at the Lincoln next Saturday).

I've been looking for ideas on my downtime at work for the last several days--intermixed with other "research projects". I think I just noticed a theme in the images I've been saving. What do you think?

Looking for the perfect shoe

on a budget means that I will either wear something that isn't exactly what I want OR I can find a way to make any shoe perfect.

Right? I think this idea from Green Wedding Shoes is fantastic!

Happily Ever After

This week has been particularly hard, which I hate even saying because my challenges are so small compared to what some of my friends are experiencing, and I imagine that as life progresses those challenges will only get more complex and intricate. But for now and for me, it's just been a bit hard.
I have found that listening to General Conference talks on my way to work really helps to buffer the effects of life--especially the noise of the city and the bijillion different vibes from my fellow Metro commuters--and serves as a reminder of what's really important. Today, I listened to the talk President Uchtdorf gave to the Young Women in May. It was kind of exactly what I needed to hear. Between the Once Upon a Time and the Happily Ever After there's a whole lot of life that has to be endured and overcome. I'm not sure what I thought being engaged would feel like, but it wasn't this. In the words of Tim, "being engaged is not fun."
"Why must we all experience sadness and tragedy? Why could we not live in bliss and peace, each day filled with wonder, joy, and love? .... "The scriptures tell us that there must be opposition in all things, for without it we could not discern the sweet from the bitter."
As I wander somewhere in between the once upon a time and the happily ever after it's easy to feel a little lost and lonely, carried only by hope in the promise of a happily ever after, which I am fairly confident doesn't come in this life--at least not completely. But there is a promise, which I am fairly confident, God intends to keep.

Grounded, Part 2

I'm technically still grounded, but it's getting harder to avoid wedding plans. Mostly because I really like party planning and I feel like so much of this, the ultimate party, basically my retirement party with which I must go out in style, is out of my control. My cute mom met with a caterer on my behalf today. I wish I could've been there to try out the goods and I hope they treated her "rill nais" {that's red neck for "very well"}.

She (my mom) also spent the whole day yesterday running from craft store to craft store getting the best deals on the perfect pieces for floral arrangements and centerpieces (not ready to give away the color pallet yet) and found the perfect napkins on a detour trip on her way home.

How does a DIY control freak like me plan a wedding reception from 2,000 miles away? I absolutely hate the idea of paying someone else way too much money {in my opinion} to do something I could do myself.

I do feel lucky to have connections to photographers, florists, videographers...but where is the caterer who can feed a multitude on a dime?? Or why can't I just do the food myself?? {I know, I know, can you imagine? I'd for sure miss my own sealing or something--making sure the asparagus is blanched the right way}. I keep have these brilliant ideas for decor, food, etc. but there is no way I can follow through with them without being in Utah for at least a month before the actual event. I have these visions {my poor family and future family} of turning the rehersal dinner into a set-up party.

Can you see why I'm grounded?

Identity Crisis

I keep changing my blog background, but really I just wish I could go back to the way it was before blogger added their new design templates. I liked it better the way it was.


Grounded, Part 1


I'm grounded from all things wedding. It's a good thing, trust me. I was getting a little obsessive.