What to say...


I think I'll start with a few photos. The words can come later.

First stop: Chicago, IL
I love this photo that Keira took. Brin so happy to be on her daddy's shoulders.

We rode the train into the city. Spent a couple hours. Ate some yummy and so unhealthy hot dogs and Ghirardelli chocolate. I had to make a stop at H&M...I know, I know.

these kids! how cute are they?

At the Field Museum. What a cool place. I think we had the most fun downstairs in the play lab for little scientists.

Miss you like crazy! I can't wait to see you all this summer.


Second Stop: Potomac, MD

Wedding prep. My dear friend Lorianne asked if I, along with fellow party planning sensation, Wendy Gunnerson, would take charge of the catering for her reception. How could I refuse such a reminiscent opportunity coupled with a chance to hit up our nation's capital? I flew from Chicago to DC on Tuesday and went straight to Costco. That initiated four days straight, on my feet having a blast with food. I wish I had taken more photos of the actual presentation. I'll have to track some down.

Who knew fruit could communicate so much?
my kind of berry.

this is what I call an over achieving orange.

Wendy and me outside the DC temple.

L&L opted for an all white ceremony which proved to be an amazing experience for all. I don't know when I'll ever have the chance to attend an endowment session and immediately file into a live sealing like that. Elder Tingey, now the temple president, officiated and gave beautiful advice to both bride and groom.

{Insert happy photos of the beautiful event here.}
Wendy, Norma, me, and Teresa (new friends and housekeepers of the Prince family--where the reception was held). At the end of the evening, shoes off, feet so swollen I didn't even recognize them as my own, utterly exhausted and on my way to spend some critical vacay time at the beach.


Third Stop: Outer Banks (Banx?), NC.

Me, John from Texas, Liz and someone I don't know. Monday at the beach before a rousing game of football.

Sunrise #1. First of three sunrises I was up for. I watched this one from the roof-top deck at the "Salt Lake" house (aka: the "pretty people" house...long story).
Sunrise #2. I watched this one from the actual roof of the Salt Lake house. I'm sure the neighbors who were up that early thought I must be crazy. Alone and in my pj's perched up on the roof.
Jake and Scott. Taken the day of our check out. I guess I should explain. My intial flight was scheduled for Wednesday morning from the Dulles airport--meaning I would have had to leave the beach on Tuesday. But, I just wasn't ready to leave. My theme for the week was everything happens for a reason. I was bumped on my flight from SLC to Chicago and got a nice voucher for a free flight. I was able to use it to change my flight to Saturday. So glad that I did.

Sunrise #3. I pulled an all-nighter. Oh the things one will do when asked in a southern accent.

{insert more photos here}

Fourth Stop: Washington, DC.

Extending my trip made a too-short tour of the city on Saturday possible. Caught up with Wendy and philosophized about life over a stack of "scrummy" (new word thanks to Clare from Kent, GB) blueberry/buckwheat pancakes and a spinach omelet.

Thanks, Tim, for showing me around the Mall.
ps, Did I mention that my stay in DC was too short?

I love this shot.

One last thing. Click here for the deets on Bijou. Only 26 days away!


Oh man...I'm really behind but I promise to have a lot to say shortly, including a play-by-play of my travels through several cities that I have never been before.I'm sitting on a bed in a beach house that looks much like I imagine the White Sands would be like (you know, Anne of Green Gables stuff) contemplating my first 30 years and what I would like to do in my next 30 years. wow. With my eyes smiling and my mouth in a slight curl, I am so stoked for what is to come. I have been gifted with a glimpse of the absolute delight that will be and it will be great! The details are to be determined, but the overall gist is being pieced together.

I really think I am going to love my thirties.

a different kind of update

This events of this weekend were highlighted with remembering Angela Liljenquist Weimer. After battling stage 4 melanoma, Ange passed away Saturday, April 25 surrounded by family. I'm usually okay at viewings, but this one was tough. I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to approach her casket. I hadn't wanted to go alone, so walked in the funeral home and immediately caught the eye of my friend Brian. From where he was standing with a few friends, I could see her hands which looked sallow and surreal.

When I finally mustered up the strength to pay my respects, sure that I'd be able to hold back the tears, I couldn't help but notice how unlike herself she looked, but still so young. I half expected her to smile, open her eyes and say, "Surprise! I was just faking." Saturday's weather was perfect for a funeral. Drizzly and gray. Her bishop announced the opening song, "He is Risen" and Elyse and I looked at each other in disbelief. "Really? At a funeral?" As hard as it was to sing the words, there couldn't have been a more appropriate hymn.

During her sister's reading of the eulogy, it was sweet to reflect back on my own memories of Angela, how at BYU-Hawaii, we shared a love for the sun...her mantra was "no tan lines". Maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all, Ange :]. How we tried to sneak around campus in short shorts and tank tops to get to the beach or the bus to Waikiki or North Shore. She was my dive buddy and quickly became one of my favorite people. We lost touch at the end of that summer and recently reconnected when she was in Utah for treatment at the end of last year.

I will cherish our last conversations as we discussed her struggle and positive outlook and our regrets for not keeping better tabs on each other during, what she called, our parallel lives. We served in bordering missions and each completed a masters degrees in fields we decided not to pursue. She, however, has achieved much more than I have and truly lived her mortal life to its fullest. My heart and prayers will continue to go out to her sweet family. When her bishop was giving his closing remarks, he spoke to her husband, Paul, and reminded us all that the Lord placed a veil between our world and the other side. Not a wall, not a mountain range, nor a blockade, but a veil--thin and permeable, allowing us to glimpse the shapes of what is to come.

The words on the inside of her program speak volumes.

Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange things happened to you; But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, you may be glad also with exceeding joy. 1 Peter 4:12-13

I found myself relating to another friend, "People our age aren't supposed to die from cancer." But really, who am I to say what is supposed to be or not be. Angela is a great example to me and everyone who knew her of living with joy and without reservation. Life is definitely too short not to grab life by the horns and run!

photo update

A few of our friends ran in the Moab half marathon (not me, I don't run). We hiked Delicate Arch, and had a sweet photo shoot at Dead Horse Point.

Also in March, Casey punked out. For a week. And then he was done.

Happy Sumo, anyone?

Hey, Charity. The Colonel called and he wants his tie back.

My mom and aunts Karyn and Kristin in AZ. Kristin's cute kids, Lleyton and Emi.

Greg Laswell & Rachel Yamagata at the Avalon

Being the best auntie ever. Love these cheeks. Is Q's new happy face not the cutest thing ever? Since she's not my own, I can brag and it's not really bragging, right? At 9 1/2 months, Quincey is walking like a pro and eating sand just like her big sis. These girls are absolutely fearless. Melt my heart.

Dear Charity,

Just because your blind date ended unsuccessfully at 9:30 the other night does not mean you can play brick breaker until 2am.