Share a Smile on Balboa Isle!

When I first moved here, my mom, little sister Bethany and little brother Casey all helped me move down. While they were here, my mom gave me as a "housewarming gift" a plaque that hangs over the front door.

"If you are lucky enough to live at the beach, then you are lucky enough!"

Words cannot describe the feelings that well up on occassion: as I am driving home down the hill and over the bridge to our little island viewing sailboats and palm trees on the horizon, or while feeling the bay-breeze tossel my hair on the ferry rides to the penninsula, or the 2 minute walk/beach cruiser ride to the beach, or while watching baby and mommy dolphin dorsels pop out of the surf. I am lucky enough indeed.

One of these days I will find some "spare" time to take photos with the great, new camera John gave me for my birthday and post them for you all to enjoy!


elizabeth kartchner said...

very poetic;) Charity we are so excited to see you tomorrow!!

You'll probably have some fun pics to post after next week:))

See you soon!!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

Charity - I have missed you. Glad you updated the blog. I am jealous of where you live. Even more jealous since we won't be out there this summer. Can't beleive it's been a year since I talked to you and we were only 20 minutes away. I'm excited to see you in 2 weeks! Get your party shoes ready.

The Hokanson Family said...

I can't even imagine being able to live in a place like you do. It sounds beautiful. You better post some pictures soon...I have it all pictured in my head as to how everything looks, and I want to see how close I am. :) See ya in 2.

The Hanchett's said...

thanks for having us to your bbq! it was so fun! It was good to see you! thanks again