Bonnie from Blue Moon Photography just dropped off a CD full of photos she took at Bijou. What a perfect way to say thank you to Emily & Co. for pulling off another fabulous event!!! I thought I would post some of hers and some of my own to tell a little bit about how great it all went.

One happy shopper...Quey had a great time pouring Gigi's water all over her. I think a lot of us wished we could do the same.

This pic may look like a green screen, but I assure you, the back ground was 100% real.
This was my booth...Bonnie is a quite a bit better than me at taking pictures :).

Outfit #2. I changed after a customer wanted to buy what I was wearing. I told her I'd sell it off my body (a little different than off the rack) if the price was right...she wanted to try it on. In the end, I got to keep it and she purchased the cute gray, pleated dress that was a little less expensive (another favorite of mine). I loved so many of the dresses I made that I decided I'd rather keep them for myself instead of sell them for next to nothing. So, I priced them high...which paid off, because all of the higher ticket items sold!
The busy check-out. ---------------

I thought I'd post a photo of one of my dresses on.
I love the way the detailing turned out (that you can't see) with the raw edge and pleated ruffles. I'll be making ankle length dresses and some cute tops in autumn prints for Bijou's re-creation this fall.


Auntie Em said...

do you make plus size clothing ? :) It looks beautiful!

Cicily said...

Those are so cute!! I second Auntie Em, do you make dresses for the thick figured woman? I like cute clothes too.

PS, I never got your address for your handmade gift I'm sending your way. It will not be as cool as your stuff, but it will be handmade :)

DESTINY said...

Don't forget my dress!!! love them!

T*town said...

Seriously?! Not that i'm really surprised but Business Woman and Fabric Queen?

em ♥ muffin said...

who is T*town? i am intrigued and can't locate them anywhere

Melinda said...

I was clicked on your link from another link don't ask me where because I can't remember. I was wondering how much and what size do you make of these adorable shirt/dresses? Let me know thanks...I guess you can find me and email me by clicking on my pic? I am still all so new to this world of being your own person, blogging, "business moms".