Today's as good a day as any

to spill some beans. (Where does that phrase come from?? So weird. How is spilling beans related to revealing a secret?)

Now that both of my grandma's know, I'm ready to tell everyone else that I'm moving. Yes, after a year-long "pit stop" in Utah, it is finally time to grow up a bit and move on...and across the country. I've done the west coast thing and now I'm ready to try out how the easterners do things. I think I mentioned that when I was in Washington DC this summer, I absolutely fell in love with the place--the pulse of the city just sunk into my bones. From salsa dancing and eating amazing Cuban food in Adams Morgan to strolling aimlessly through the outdoor market behind the Capitol to navigating the metro by myself to staring up at the Washington monument and being overwhelmed by the emotion of the Vietnam memorial, I got a glimpse of what it would be like to make our Nation's capital my home for awhile. But really! I'd be lying if I said this move has everything to do with my love of urban living and patriotism and absolutely nothing to do with a boy :).

So, in about three weeks, I'll be flying with all the possessions I can fit in two suitcases and a carry on to a new city with new roommates and a brand new adventure. I am so excited. Even through the overwhelm of packing and deciding what to take and what to leave behind and all the unknown, I catch myself getting giggly with delight.

More on this later, I'm sure.


Rapier Family said...

How fun, I love DC. I'm so excited for you. You forsure have to put tons on your blog about all your new adventures. Good Luck

Auntie Em said...

I am so jealous! I would LOVE to be able to do that. Make sure you document your new home well on your blog so I can see DC vicariously through your eyes. ( I have never been, I'm a bad bad bad american history major )

Aubrey said...

I am sooooo excited for you. What an adventure the east coast will be. Now I have just one more excuse to sneak away to DC this spring. :)

katie said...

DC is a GREAT place. I am excited for you and your new adventure. I wanst to hear more about your boy!!!!