One Snowy Superbowl Weekend

I'm sitting on the couch enjoying some new tunes thanks to Emily's February Playlist (take the scenic route to have your cake--I'm loving Zee Avi) and watching the snow fall. It started around 11, just one hour before the weather guys predicted and is in a steady downfall. Beautiful.

I am bummed though, probably more than I'm aware, that my dad's flight was canceled today. He was going to come and spend the weekend exploring the city with me and sneaking around the monuments to see if we could find the Masonic pyramid or some other lost National treasure.

Instead, we will all be snowed in since the Governor declared a state of emergency and everything will be shutting down today, probably until Monday. Of course it has to be a weekend, rather than during the middle of the week when I am usually in a state of isolation while everyone else is at work.

The weekend does promise some snowy fun and sledding behind the black bullet (Tim's car) in addition to one great football game! OH, we stopped by the commissary after hitting the gym on base yesterday (a few of the perks in the life of an Army gf) and I was amazed by the social phenomenon that is the Virginia grocery store before a snow storm (this one is affectionately being called "snowpocalpse o-ten" by my roomies). People were dumping whole displays into their carts, the juice aisle was cleared out as was the bread and the bottled water. I walked around in awe. We were able to pick through the produce for the ingredients for a few somewhat healthy superbowl snacks--fresh salsa and the traditional 7-layer bean dip...apparently a favorite of yours truly and Tim's too :). We also got an invite by Tim's new co-worker, Major Pain...I mean Pierce for jambalaya and gumbo and other N'Orlins fare before the game. mmmmm!

A roommate just got home. Someone to play with :)!

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