Can I be a rockstar too?

This is what I ate for lunch today: the best shrimp & crab enchiladas I've ever had and a virgin pina colada. My co-workers said Lauriol Plaza, a mexican patio in the district would become my favorite and they were proven correct.

This is where I ate a few nights ago, buddha bar. That really made me feel like a rockstar. It was their first soft opening and their liquor license had not come in yet, so all the fancy drinks were alcohol free. It was my kind of event. Pretty much a free for all on the food and the fruity drinks. I wish it wasn't so dark inside, none of my photos turned out.


Beth Davis said...

I just did a big catch up on your blog. You and Tim are so cute- I love it! I got a huge home sick feeling when I saw your post of DC in the Spring. I'm just glad I have a friend back there enjoying everything DC has to offer- soak it up:-) XOXO!

Melly Mel said...

that looks so yummy!
i miss you charity!