Who needs Botox?!?

I've gotten several questions lately about my secret "wrinkle cream". Well friends, here it is. I swear by this stuff. Smear it on your lips, crows feet, smile lines, etc. every night before bed and you just might notice a bit of reverse aging! When I was living in sunny southern California, my mom made a comment to one of my roommates (not to me, bless her heart) about what the sun exposure was doing to my face...at aget 26 it was not a pretty sight. I've been using Aquaphor faithfully for the past few years and I look younger today than I did back then. This is my miracle product.


The Hokanson Family said...

I'm for sure going to try that! THanks for sharing! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

jane said...

This IS a miracle cream, I have never used it on my face but I love it for my kids skin. We have been using it for years. Now I just might have to give it a try on my face!