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on my way home from work yesterday and to work today I listened to a conversation between Tera Warner, the raw foodie who brought to you WISH, and Seane Corn, an internationally-known yoga teacher and social activist.

Their conversation brought up many things for me, including an intense desire to study yoga more deeply. But more present to today they spoke about the news and how amazingly bad it is. I almost shouted out loud to my ipod, "I know!! It's SO bad!"

I was watching CNN yesterday--only because it's what they keep the keep the kitchen TV on here at work--while filling up my water bottle. Suzanne whatever her name is, you know the lady with the orange skin (Is that bad? I swear I'm not judging, she really does have an orange tint to her skin. Maybe she eats a lot of carrots) was interviewing an American teacher who has been living in Japan for the last nine years about the earthquake and his perception of the damage to the nuclear plant and specifically about the Japanese government's "purposeful withholding of the truth" and the change in the intensity ratings--making it comparable with Chernobyl. This man proceeded to tell the world about the Japanese culture and how it was not an intentional withholding of truth on the Japanese government's part, but a cultural thing, and how the change in ratings did not change the levels of toxicity and presented his optimistic perspective, only to have the interviewer shamelessly interrupt him again and again to lead the conversation down dark and pessimistic paths. I was shocked as I have never before witnessed such a blatant excavation for bad news and spinning what could be looked at a little more hopefully downward into what the network media would have us believe are increasingly despairing times.

this is not the actual interview referenced here
All the more reason to practice yoga instead of watching the news. Or watch Paula Dean which is what I usually turn the channel to during my lunch break. So much more entertaining and uplifting!

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Natalie said...

Have you tried bikram? (He's a fascinating character by the way) Anyway, You should try it if you haven't. I know people are so hesitant but it is amazing! And I seriously despise heat but there is something so invigorating and cleansing about it. Not to mention how great the benefits are. I partly credit it with getting pregnant because I started doing it just before I finally did.