sum sum summah

summer is coming and ever since I was a youngster summer has been for bike riding, for a few years it was beach cruising, and now I just want one of these. I spied this propped up outside of the blue duck tavern on my way to work the other day. I have no idea what the make is and since I took the shot with my bb it's too blurry to tell. Anyone out there know?

and speaking of bikes, how cute is this MSL craft?

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Mark and Michal said...

Not sure what this one is, but you should really check out the Paschley bikes, made in my neck of the woods, England. They sell them in the US as well. I saw them at Adeline Adeline in Tribeca. Since you'll be in the area, you should go check out the shop- they have great accessories too! I lived in NYC for 2.5 years- you'll get hooked, I promise!