I am so not Manhattan.

I am so behind. I have lists upon lists of things that I need to write about. Happy things. But not today.

Because today I'm bummed. Some people around here call it the Brooklyn Blues. I think there are as many causes as there are people who get sucked down by the Brooklyn Blues. Though maybe mine are more of the Manhattan sort.

I am realizing that I am so not New York. I am more Brooklyn than Manhattan, but really I am just a first generation immigrant from the wild, Wild West.

Our air conditioner isn't working right now. No one wants to come fix it for us. I'm exaggerating. Our landlady sent one guy who doesn't care to take the time to fix it for us. Now, this wouldn't be such an issue if I still had the job that I was offered on the 2nd of July and was sitting in an air conditioned office instead of our oven of a top-floor apartment. (which I still love, don't get me wrong.)

It was a "temp-to-perm" position. They seemed to love me and offered me the position on the spot. I have never done any temp work before so I really didn't know what to expect and since they seemed to want me so badly, even asked me to start the next business day, I thought it would be more similar to my direct hire experiences. But it wasn't and I guess I know now what it's like to be treated like a temp. To be the "them" sitting opposite the "us". Funny though, because the HR manager who interviewed me first kept saying over and over that in this particular firm and especially the team I would be working on, there is no "us and them". Well, they proved her wrong.

They gave me four days. FOUR days of nearly no training and no orientation. Not even so much as a tour around the office to introduce me to everyone or show me where I could find a pen or sticky notes. And at the end of the FOUR days, they told my recruiter that it just wasn't a good fit. And the only example she gave was that I sent the team and email asking for projects and if any of them had time to sit with me to go over some of the processes. I guess I was supposed to stand on my chair and address the whole group vocally at once. Please keep in mind that the executive that I was hired to support wasn't even in town the entire time I was there. So tell me this, who made the decision that I wasn't a good fit? grrr.

I am so not Manhattan.

When do we get to go out West again?


K. Ito said...

Reminds me a little of my year in Boston. I was so happy to get back out West!!!!

The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

I'm SO glad you're writing again!!! Welcome back to blogland.

I am sorry you are hot and tired and that your "fit" wasn't "good." -- They don't know what they're missing!!

I am excited to see you in September. We saw your Mom and Emily (and Russ and HAYES) last Wednesday. It was good to see them. I don't think your mom feels very well right now. Tons of stressors both good and bad.

<3 Dana

Whitney said...

I'm not Manhattan either. Or Brooklyn for that matter.

Sorry this job didn't work out, but obviously you've moved on to bigger and better things!