Need doesn't quite cut it

I just looked up "need" on to find a word that could accurately describe something I've been feeling lately. These are the definitions listed:

1. Want, requirement
2. Poverty
3. Emergency, pressing lack
4. Want something

Further explanatory words include:

The urge
Feel a dearth of
Feel the pinch

All of these words wrapped up together in one urgent package tied with a grosgrain ribbon, scratch the surface of this ache that seems to start in my shoulders and travel down my arms to my fingers. Everywhere I go I see images, hear phrases, that are crawling under my skin wanting to escape onto paper painted. in. watercolors.

Am I a watercolor painter? No, but I want to be.

Have you ever felt a pinch to do something you don't really have much experience doing but feel deprived because you aren't doing it?

Btw, I can blame two things for this. 1) Alisa Burke whose blog I drool over, and 2) our relief society activity last month where we learned a bit and I painted the picture above.

And now I need to do something about it, but there is a visitor (aka: hurricane) named Irene that has shut down public transportation and we are on an island and stuck in our apartment, but I'd rather be stuck in our apartment than stuck staying on someone's couch or an air mattress or in a hostel somewhere in land or not on an island like we are (strange though that long island is not really an island, right?)

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