I just got an email from my mom outlining some interesting facts stimulated by the recent ban of personal size water bottles in San Franciso.


Did you know:
• Over 45 million plastic water bottles a year end up in the trash? • For those that aren't recycled, it takes 1,000 years to break them down? • Of those that are thought to be recycled, the evidence is that 90% of them still end up in landfills, according the Container Recycling Institute of California? • That the cost to manufacture those bottles is enormous, consumingover 250,000 million barrels of oil each year? • That over 40% of bottled water is taken from a municipal tap, somewhere? • That several tests of bottled water showed some to be higher incontaminants than municipal water? • That most bottled water is ACIDIC? • That any squeezeably soft bottle is soft enough to leach dioxin, aknown carcinogen, into the fluid it has stored? • That the tap water alternative that Rocky Anderson suggests couldleave you ingesting up to 90 legally allowable chemicals? (according to the E.P.A.) • That the tap water you might drink instead contains chlorine, forsure, and that chlorine has been linked to breast cancer and other cancers? • That the chlorine you drink in just one glass of tap water is justas effective in killing off the needed healthy bacteria in your gut as it is in killing off the bad unhealthy bacteria that it kills in the pipes? • That reverse osmosis membranes have been "improved" to the pointthat they not only take out chemicals, but they also remove most of the needed minerals, as well, leaving it very nearly as hungry of a water as distilled water is? • That experts warn against drinking distilled water for more than ashort term cleansing fast, as it will leach minerals out of your bones? • That there is a better solution????
Go Mom!!


elizabeth said...

you are so cute!! thanks for your sweet comment!! we miss you already:) Avery loves looking at your blog. She loved the Mary Poppins post :))
love you, liz

The Hanchett's said...

interesting- i didn't know some of that stuff. thanks for sharing the info!