Just a spoonful of sugar!

I was laying on the beach the other day, trying to relax--something that has become increasingly difficult to do--because I was thinking of all the things on my "to do" list. And, Mary Poppins voice wafted across my memory. Oh how I wish I could snap my room clean, or snap my laundry folded, or snap my dry cleaning picked up, or snap my papers written, or snap my stomach full and satisfied. Uh, yes. Even feeding myself becomes a chore sometimes.

"Just a spoonful of sugar can make the medicine go down in the most delightful way."

Did I miss the whole moral of that scene?

In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.
You find the fun and
The job's a game?? Where is MY Mary Poppins?

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Kit said...

Hi sweetie! Wish I could "snap" my way down there. . I'd have loved to help you snap that room into place while you were re-arranging furniture last Saturday!

Hope you put on some fun music for your sugar.

I love the poetry you've added to your blog. I'm glad you are taking moments to watch the moonlight shining on the harbor in between all the things on your to do list!

And can I add one more? I really want a file or disc or Jpg of that beautiful photo so I can put it on the family room wall!

hugs. . . . Mom