promised pics, courtesy of Liz

One Happy Day!


elizabeth said...

wow. don't i feel special making it to the title! ;)

photo number 1
love the bottom pie that avery got her fingers into before it was baked! :D

photo number 2
loved charity's plated packed full compared to Stan's!

photo number 3

photo number 4
Colllin's in the left corner sneaking bites of turkey haha!!

photo number 5
guarantee quincey's right hand has a fist full of hair that she's about to pull.

this is the longest comment ever!! :)

Aubrey said...

oh yummy!!!

Kit said...


I wish I had some more room in my tummy.
The leftovers in the fridge just didn't look as appetizing as the feast; despite all that deliciousness, the "I just wanna eat her up!" feelings I have around baby Quincey are even more compelling than Thanksgiving Dinner!
Quincey memorializes the spirit of the entire day with the way she unabashedly planted her mouth on the cheeks and chins of those she loves that day! Would that we could all be so uninhibited in expressing our sincere love and affection for each other!