patiently starving and waiting for...

Pics to be posted later. I couldn't find any on the worldwideweb that would do the pending feast justice.

Our traditional t-giving spread always includes:

One 20+ lb bird-brined and baked to perfection (not shown, the bird you see is the "extra breast" just in case we ran out)
Grandma Kay's stuffing
Cranberry relish (fresh, nothing canned here, thanks!)
Mashed tots extraordinaire
Rusks (rolls, but kind of more like heaven)
Yam-Apple Casserole (I've never understood the canned yams with melted marshmallows. sick.)
All swimming in My gravy (secret ingredient...brined turkey juice)

Followed up with Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint *real* Whipped Cream
and Apple, Cherry, Peaches 'n Cream pies.

The in-laws added the traditional green beans, you know, the one with the crunchy stuff on top, and banana cream pie (sorely missed this year along with the people who usually bring it!)


Aubrey said...

Happy Thanksgiving Charity! Hope you enjoyed everything you waited so patiently for!

Marfa said...

Traditions are so much fun! So, first of all, we are one family who does the marshmallow thingie with sweet potatoes, but also oats, brown sugar and cranberries...yum! And I am wondering about that PEPPERMINT whipped cream? We love real whipped cream, but with a tad of sugar & vanilla, please.