Bring it on!

I feel like I blinked and summer was gone! Normally, I'd be feeling abandoned by the season of sun, water, boating, laying out, etc...but not this year. I say bring on the fall--and winter for that matter. Time could not pass quickly enough for me right now.

Besides, how can I not love this??

I am lucky to have several crafty sisters, especially ones who let me sell stuff in their booths at events like the Sundance Harvest Market...

We couldn't resist a photo-op in the fall grass

It wasn't quite our target market, but it was fun to be outside on possibly the last hot Saturday of the year, enjoying non-stop, live bluegrass music and the smell of BBQ.
Thanks Em-bone!


T*town said...

I love the hair piece. I can"t decide if it's gypsy or biker chick. You pull them both off so well! Maybe you should try it while riding a motorcycle across country. What do you say? =)

chari-o said...

what about pirate?? and to the cross country moto ride I say, yes please :)