The sign of true health and some sage advice

The other day at work I was checking out some patients, an older couple. The wife had long white hair pulled back loosely from her face with those curved combs (you know what I'm talking about?) and happy blue eyes. Her husband said, as I told them their total, "We're seniors" seeming to expect a discount. His wife chuckled and gave him a playful nudge, "He always says that." And as I'm admiring their affectionate interaction, she looks at me in awe, her breath catching in her throat, and says, "You have such a wide jaw!" I look at her with a degree of disbelief, thinking "Did she really just tell me that I have an abnormally wide face? 'Happy cheeks' really was just a nice way of saying I have a super fat face!" I think she saw the shock in my eyes and recovered by telling me how some lady who writes books says that a strong jaw is the sign of ultimate health! It shows that my mother was healthy while she carried me in her womb. Well, how can I refuse a compliment like that and from such a cute "senior"??? Thank you! And thanks, Mom, for being such a conscientious pregnant woman! If a fat face indicates good health, then maybe rolls and chub mean I was super healthy! (oh yes, see me at 1 year above...I wonder what bald indicates??)

Oh, just got a kick out of it. I turn back to her husband to reply to his "senior" joke and say that I can't wait until I get discounts on everything. He he gives me a stern look and says, "Don't you dare wish to speed up your youth!" I nod apologetically, pause, lean forward on my elbows and ask, "Is there anything you would do differently? Any wise advice for me?" I'm prepared to make mental notes. He strokes his wrinkled chin and holds up two fingers. "Never borrow money to relatives." Okay, never loan money to relatives. Noted. "And two, I would've invested more carefully." Make more money so I can invest. Duly noted.

That reminds me that I still need to write about my path towards financial freedom :). Our relief society lesson last week was on Elder Hales' general conference talk on being a "provident provider". I was so excited to comment and share what I've learned with the other girls. Something about me, if I think someone may learn a lesson from my mistakes, I will be the first to admit where I've gone wrong. It really does feel SO good to... (I better stop there or I'll ruin it for the real post)... stay tuned.

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T*town said...

"provident provider" is such a good talk. I really enjoyed that - and a great one to study. Is that the one where he says "honey, we can't afford that" as the 5 words that mean i love you? something like.
Ps I dig the happy cheeks.