A Friendly Reminder

Bijou Market is tomorrow from 10am-4pm. Check it out at http://www.bijoumarket.com/.

The space is HUGE. I had no idea. It's a big, unfinished strip mall with no walls inside. We mapped out the layout for all 45 vendors tonight--this is big!

Sweet Tooth Fairy will be there with free treats--first come, first serve! As is the entire event, so you'll want to get there early to have your pick of the fantastic merchandise.

Cash, check, Visa and Master Card are welcome.

On a personal note: Yesterday was my last day of work here and my co-workers threw me a sweet surprise bon voyage party. I'm down to 3 days before I move and trying to not panic!!! 5 boxes have been shipped (correction: are still sitting at the post office since apparently, they don't really rush to ship packages sent via "parcel post". thanks USPS for making my life more stressful. I'm just glad I decided last minute to keep my bedding with me and pack it in my luggage) and I'm wondering how I'm going to fit the rest into two suitcases and a carry on, while packing up everything else for storage, cleaning up my sewing room disaster :), and leaving my former living space in a somewhat livable condition. All that with a nice viral sinus infection. I can't help but laugh :). It's probably a good thing that I don't have a job waiting for me in DC so I can take a couple days off to unwind!

Really, though, I am so excited!

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