I'm here!

Sitting in my new family room with one roommate on her laptop watching Alias and another in the kitchen making cookies with her boyfriend. Two others are upstairs in their respective rooms and another is out. Yep, that's right. There are six of us in this house.

It's super cute. Light bamboo flooring, dark wood cabinets in the kitchen and granite counter tops. Mismatched furniture. Two round kitchen tables. Guitar Hero guitars everywhere :). Lots of board games under the TV. And "every chick flick you can imagine". Really, between 6 girls in their late 20s--er, early, early 30s (my move in raised the age average), I guess I didn't need to bring my copy of Pride & Prejudice after all!

I know I should register with a temp agency tomorrow, but is it bad if I want to just take a few days to chill, get settled, find myself lost in the city a couple times trying to see some sites or just looking for the closest grocery store...???

Also, last night while still in Utah,during a routine hair appointment, we had a little accident. The result left me with a surprisingly fabulous color, slightly darker than I anticipated, with an pumpkin red streak in the back. I love it! I hope my future employer loves it too. (do not fret, you, I promise to be blonde again after Christmas.)

This wouldn't be an accurate relocation post without mentioning how hard it was to say good-bye to my family. I love them so much and will miss having them around more than I can tell.


natalie said...

WOW! Well CONGRATS on the move. And although I don't "know" you I feel like I know you! Good Luck over the next few months and Thanks again for keeping a SMILE on my brothers face during these last few insane months in Iraq.

Aubrey said...

So excited for your new move. Post pictures when you get a chance. :)

T*town said...

I'll second that, Nat. And here's to a nice pumpkin red streak under flowing blonde hair!!! Nice!
Do we get pictures?