It's a Christmas Miracle!!

All I can say is that prayer works! And combined prayer works even better.

Now I'm just needing part two and I'm feeling really impatient, waiting for a call from Ft. Hood.

Ring phone, ring!

While I wait, trying to not focus on my silent blackberry and enjoy this Christmas morning with my mom and siblings, I have to admit my gratitude for the amazing mercy and grace of God. Thank you for sending your Son. We watched a short video montage put together by my mom's neighbors (and my roommate's parents) last night. As images of the infant Lord passed on the screen, I was overcome, more than I ever remember feeling before, with awe at the humble circumstances to which He entered His mortal life. But not just because of the stable and manger and sheep and flies, but because He was just a baby! So vulnerable, fragile. This Christ-child who would grow into the Man of Holiness who would save us all began His miraculous life as a baby.

I think this is even more poignant for me now, having spent the last few days with my family, especially my little sister who is cooking her own mini-muffin (who I swear is growing every day--she let me feel his little sleeping bum poking out of her abdomen last night, so sweet!); and my nieces, 3 years and 18 months respectively, who are so full of life and joy at each new thing. They fill me with wonder.

So while I wait for just one more miracle, may warmth & joy to fill your hearts on this Christmas morning and throughout this next year!

Much love,


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