{the} Messiah--aka: Handel's Messiah

Friday night I got lucky :). My roommate Julie asked me to be her "date" to see Handel's Messiah at the National Cathedral. Amazing! This was a triple first for me: first up-close-and-personal with the Cathedral, first ever hearing the Messiah performed live in its entirety, first time hearing the National Cathedral choir--those little kids are phenomenal. The evening was beautiful.

We walked around so I could see the cathedral before the performance started and I quickly fell in love. After walking into a small courtyard and turning a full circle I stopped facing my roommates and declared, "I've decided if I get married I am taking my brials here."

I misunderstood one of my roommates when she said, "If you can't get married here, you may as well take your pictures here." I heard, "If you can't get married at all, you may as well buy a dress and come take pictures here." She was confused when I laughed for a long time. When I told her what I heard, she laughed too.

I am a sucker for stonework and angles and archways like these. Can't you just imagine this one with a wedding dress in about a million places and poses?

Then we "stumbled" on the Bishop's Garden and I solidified my decision.

And this ironwork??? I would be happy with just one photo in front of the cathedral doors.

Is it very strange that I, a Mormon, want to take my bridal photos on the grounds of a cathedral? Is that even allowed?

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