The Captain's Homecoming (illustrated)

I finally imported the short video I took at the airport when Tim came home. I kind of wish I had left it recording a little longer.

Ah...cute, huh? ;). Tim's mom sent us these sweaters. One of their family Christmas traditions is to all get matching somethings and take a picture together. I love traditions! They also wear something new on New Year's day. I didn't know this, but I wore a shirt he brought back for me from Iraq without knowing about the tradition. Chalk it up to intuition.

Last night we watched a show on the National Geographic channel about Green Berets in Afghanistan. I caught a glimpse of knowing in Tim's eyes as he watched and listened to some familiar sights and sounds. Even though he was on a big base in Iraq rather than out in the open in Afghanistan, I could tell it still struck a chord.

I'm so proud of Tim and his service for our country, so glad for his choice to be a dentist and not a Green Beret, and so lucky that he is back and adjusting so quickly.


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

very cute charity! glad things are so much fun for you guys.

my uncle is a green beret and was in afghanistan at the start of the war. the stories he tells are incredible. i'm grateful for everyone who serves this country.

Annie Jean said...

I've been listening to your blog music this afternoon in the background as I work. It has a very soothing affect. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks!

The Hokanson Family said...

Cute picture! I want to hear more about what you guys have been able to do together! Love ya, Char!

Kit said...

You two are a striking fun to see a picture with you both in it together after watching this romance unfold from so many miles away for so long!

Melly Mel said...

this is so cute!!!! I love it Charity!