My Morning

My work load this morning consists of coming up with a list of things for the big bosses and their entourage to do in the big apple this weekend. So, any suggestions for kid-friendly activities or not so kid friendly (they can always leave the tikes with the nanny) would be VERY appreciated {the whole point of this post} .

Yes. The fiance and I will be there too, but totally unrelated to the bosses. THOUGH when I told the wife-boss that I was going to be in NYC too, she said all animated like, "Oh that's great! Well, fun for us, not fun for you." I was so confused by her reaction and she was so quickly off on another subject that it took me a second to realize she thought that I meant I was going as an employee. You see, I have been filling in as the big husband-boss's assistant since his former assistant found other employment recently. Why me? Because Ii'm so good at it, even though I'm technically more marketing coordinator than admin. The joys of working for a family office.

So this week I have been planning THEIR trip to nyc, leaving my own on the back burner. They still haven't decided which train they want to take tomorrow, do they take the 11:20? or the 12:00? I don't know?? It's such a hard decision!! btw, as soon as they do decide I get to arrange pick up of the physical tickets at Union Station because apparently they cannot get it together and be there with enough time to check in and print their tickets before they board. So this will probably look something like me taking a much too slow cab at 3pm to pick up their tickets and bring them back to the office for them....mind you, I have to leave-leave the office no later than 4:15 this afternoon and truck it with my roller bag to Union Station to meet Tim--who has our Bolt Bus tickets, for a 5:20 departure.

It has been SO interesting planning this trip for the big bosses. From how much they are paying for their posh mid-town hotel, to the chartered jet to pick her sister and kids up in the midwest to deposit them in the city, to the last minute nature of all of it. Do we get fashion week tickets? Do we get us open finals tickets? Honestly. The opulence just kills me.

Good thing I had a power breakfast! The beginnings of my everything pancakes....

disclaimer - if you like smooth textured pancakes, then these are not for you. oat flour (just grind rolled oats up in the blender--good for stabilizing blood sugar), two eggs, the white stuff is cottage cheese, almond meal, finely shredded unsweetened coconut, coconut milk, a pinch of salt. the amounts don't really matter--just get it to the consistency you like. I like mine crepe-thin, so I add extra liquid. if you like fluffy cakes--then just use 3 egg whites. just blend it all together and pour into a hot, lightly oiled skillet.
I ate mine this morning with fresh strawberries and freshly whipped cream flavored with agave and mexican vanilla-- SO good!

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