Pride isn't always a bad thing, is it?

Guess who got an offer to be 1 of 2 residents in Einstein's Endodontics 2011-2012 program?
(Not only that, but also rocked his interview in NY AND has his interview in Long Beach next week AND got a call from UCLA for an interview which he politely declined...)
I'm so proud of you babe!

It's one of the best programs with one of the "most amazing" program directors; top of the line, brand-spankin'-new facility and equipment; the Captain knows the area very well; located in a place I've never been; it would be an adventure; lots of history there...

Mom plug your ears. Living in Philly where "water" is "wooder"; he knows the area very well; battles for the highest unemployement rate of any metropolitan area; not the safest or cleanest public transportation system--will I finally have to give in a buy a car?...

more to come on this big decision.

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