getting crafty at work

I wrote about this on my crafty blog, but thought it worth mentioning here as well. My work day yesterday consisted of me, a measuring tape, pencil (+eraser), sticky notes, a level and some super-handy picture hanging hooks that look like this
and a couple dozen framed images to hang. Everyone seems to love how the office looks like a corporate headquarters instead of some sublet space. I loved having a day where I looked at my computer for all of about five minutes. 

These guys line the wall behind my desk in the "marketing departement" aka: me in my what used to be a closet work space.


Kit said...

So THAT's how you do it! Amazing perfection.

I struggled hanging up my mother's family photos without a level.

With a whole grouping not in a row, I ended up hanging a plumb line (spool from a long thread) from the top of each of the top row nails to get the photos underneath lined up. I could have used apprenticing under you!

chari-o said...

good idea on the plumb line, mom! we basically did the same thing, but horizontally...strung a line, using the level to make sure it was straight and then measured down from the line where the holes needed to be based on each frame.