Pregnancy Journal - Seventeen Weeks

I wasn't intending to do one of these every week, but this week was monumental.


I just showed my friend, Veronica, who said they call these the glass coffee table shot ;).

How far along: 17 weeks
Weight gain, body changes: I haven't weighed or measured myself this week.
Maternity clothes: One of my co-workers just told me that "we need to get you some cute maternity clothes" (see photo below). While I realize I have not been the most stylish pregnant lady, not even close, I am making due with what I've got. Someday when I get that miraculous "2nd trimester surge of energy" that people keep telling me about (blah, blah, blah) I have a list of items I'd like to make, including a couple maternity skirts and sewing a panel onto these bad boys so they stay up a little bit better...

Stretch marks: Nothing new, but they are threatening to appear on my ever-growing baby feeders.
Movement: Nothing I could feel this week, though we watched him wiggle during the sonogram.
Sleep: Yeah. I should probably mention that I have been, but forgot to take the last couple nights, a couple friends to bed with me called Unisom and B6. My sister swears that these friends are the only thing that allowed her to function for the first six months of her first pregnancy. I'm starting to wonder if not taking them is what led to the last two days of my puke-a-thon. Hmmm....
Best moment this week: By far seeing the Captain get emotional as the reality of having a son set in, getting to "pass on the family name", and all sorts of other fun father & son things to come!
What made you cry: It was another emotional one. Mostly just feeling sick makes me cry.
Food cravings: Nothing. Fresh salsa and chips still seems to be about the only thing I can handle at night, and lately lunch and breakfast isn't sitting so well either. Right now I'm spooning out some Haagen Dazs raspberry sorbet--very slowly--to see if it will be enough to get me home in about a half an hour.
Something you miss: I still miss food and yoga.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Life, haha! I'm still nauseated all the time. Trying without Zofran today though and I feel the same as I usually do. I'd love to get off the meds.

How's your mood: I'm going to skip this one, but I think I'm doing a pretty darn good job at keeping a smile on my face and focusing on the postive!
Any surprises? We're having a BOY!! We were both sure it was a girl. I even know her name whenever she does come. I feel a little bad that we've been using "her" and "she", but luckily he's just now able to hear, or so they tell me. The Captain has even changed the way he talks to the baby. He used to speak French and coo to my stomach. I had to remind him to keep up the French. He didn't even realize.

NO face today. No way. Here's a cuter face...


kitrwilson said...

So sorry you are still woozy, girl. This was so fun to read and greet me this morning. Amazing how our bodies change to support this new life! After a week solid of being close to the bathroom I'm a train wreck...beware, everyone; I'm over sensitive and reactive. I even yelled at the dog yesterday and had a moment of road rage which I've never had before. So I know what you mean about how feeling sick can make one emotional, irritable, or close to tears. It's hard. Hard to keep your spirits up. Hard to keep focused on the blessings in your life when body discomfort is so ever present. Hang in there and try to count blessings. If you get email on your phone you may want to go to and sign up. Their daily question will help remind you to consider them and send off a quick line. Sounds like you're maintaining your sense of humor though! Good work! I love you, sweet little Mama!

Lindsay said...

How exciting! Boys are the best! :)