Pregnancy Journal - Thirty-two Weeks

How far along: 302 weeks (I've been delinquent...again)
Weight gain, body changes: I haven't changed much so I'm just going to write about the baby here. At our last ultrasound the tech estimated (amazing they can even come close just based on the size of his head and the length of his femur) he's weighing in at a whopping 3lbs 3oz. That was 2 1/2 weeks ago, so who knows how big he is now. I, on the other hand, have gained 5lbs (+21 pre-pregnancy) and 1 1/2 inches around my middle.

Movement: This baby's still kicking, rolling, twisting and poking like a prize fighter. My midwife asked at my last appointment to make sure I can count at 10 kicks about 2 hours out of the day. I almost laughed because there are only about 2 hours that I don't feel him moving around.

Sleep: I've slept so much better lately. I don't know what it different...maybe working from home and not having the extra stress of having to get up, get ready and manage the whole morning commute. This doesn't have to do with sleep so much as when I'm up, but I've started downing a glass of water when I do get up in the night and I think it's helping to reduce my contractions.

Best thing about this week: Absolutely working from home. It has been such a blessing! I went into the office one day a couple weeks ago and had three contractions on the way there and three on the way home, plus several during the day. I had full intentions of going in twice a week, but after that it made me really nervous. My boss has been super understanding and is leaving it up to me to decide if and when I can physically come in.

What made you cry: I have felt really fortunate this week (30). I only had one "sensitive moment"when I let myself get discouraged at how little I can do right now (aka: I feel like a little tornado leaving a trail of clutter and dishes everywhere I go). And then the Captain reminded me that I'm doing a lot just by growing this baby and keeping him safely inside. Last Saturday I spent all day working on a new maternity skirt that ended up being a big fail. What a waste of a day! I was so frustrated, I cried. I have so little opportunities to do anything other than work and drink water that it was a big disappointment for that project to not turn out. I decided to set it aside and turn it into a non-maternity skirt later. I've also started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflicks, which has increased the amount of crying around here.

Food cravings: I never got my watermelon or mango last week, so they are still on my list,  but I have two mangos ripening up on my counter right now :). Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel sticks. Buttery goodness. I found a copycat recipe online and made it twice. I'm pretty sure I ate one of the batches by myself.

Something you miss: Cleaning. Weird. I totally miss it. The Captain has really stepped up around here folding my laundry, doing the dishes, making dinner, taking out the trash, cleaning out the kitchen sink catch, doing all the grocery shopping.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I have been Zofran free for about two four weeks now. This staying inside thing is definitely helping with this.

Appointments: I had an ultrasound appointment to check the baby's kidneys. I paid attention this time and each kidney is measuring about .75cm. I don't even know if that's normal for how far along we are or not. I made another trip to L&D at the hospital. I had a morning of back to back contractions. They gave me some fluids and found that I have not dilated anymore from last time. Good news.

How's your mood: Much improved. Better sleep, control of my environment, make a big difference. As long as I can keep the cabin fever at bay, I'm good. I am learning how to crochet. The Captain went to the city a few weeks ago to run some errands and found a yarn store to pick up some materials (this was almost entirely his idea, by the way). Can you imagine him standing in front of towering rainbow walls of yarn trying to pick out a couple projects for me? What a trooper. He brought back six skeins of a multi-gray yarn for a mini afghan for the baby and a really pretty blue for a practice scarf--per the sales lady's recommendation. Once I started, he couldn't stand watching me have all the fun.  So we decided to make the baby a blanket together. He's doing a fantastic job. I, on the other hand, am letting pregnancy brain dictate how many stitches I miss. Ugh, we're going to have to take out the last 4 rows that I did and he's going to have to re-do it for me. I'm so glad I married a man who is handy and not afraid to think crocheting and sewing as just as tough as demoing a kitchen.
Any surprises? We found out my older brother's wife is having a boy, which makes three baby boys on my side of the family due within three months of each other. And here I had been afraid my kids would be the youngest of the cousins by a long shot. 

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kitrwilson said...

I love reading your pregnancy journal! Thank you for doing this, Charity--I so appreciate being able to keep close tabs, see the photos, and hear all the news. YOu are looking so good! Beautiful pregnant Mommy. I find myself day dreaming about family reunions and vacations in years to come...with three little grandsons all the same age, playing with their many cousins all close in age... Alice, & Remington who will be just 14 months older, Cal, within 20 months older, and Lola, also 2 years older, Max & Hayes a bit bigger...Fun times ahead! We'll have to plan very kid friendly big space places to meet with playgrounds and giant sandboxes and mud and water...There will be eight cousins all within just two school grades!