Pregnancy Journal - Thirty-five Weeks

How far along: 35 weeks

Weight gain, body changes: 5 more lbs in the last few weeks bringing my total weight gain to 28 lbs. I've also grown another 1.5 inches around my middle. And the baby has started putting on weight like a champ, measuring in at an estimated 5 lbs at our ultrasound 10 days ago. If he's on track with the norm (an ounce a day), he's probably nearly 6 lbs now. He's definitely putting on the chub!

Movement: He may be running out of room, but it doesn't stop him from getting in his hourly exercise. Benching my kidneys and swinging from my least that's what it feels like sometimes. He's been pretty much in the same position for the last couple months though, head down with his back along my left side and his little feet digging into the small space between my right ribs and hip bone. I'm amazed by how responsive he is to touch. The Captain had a fun little game of push and shove going the other day where he'd push a little on one spot and the baby would push back on the same spot. WE thought it was pretty cute (and so advanced!! right? everything our kid does is going to be so advanced in our eyes), though I'm not sure if the baby thought it was a fun game. He may well have been saying, "Stop shoving me!"

Sleep: It is getting increasingly uncomfortable, but I'm sleeping pretty hard--until I have to turn or use the facilities. Lately, after my early morning trip (between 3-5am) I have a hard time falling back asleep so I'll read for an hour or so and then go back to sleep until the Captain wakes up and wants to play with the baby :).

Best thing about this week: A couple of my friends here in the BK threw me a lovely baby shower (though technically is was week 33). I had so much fun visiting with friends that I haven't seen since being placed on house arrest bedrest and friends that I just haven't been able to catch up with. Our friends, Ashlee and Nate, even came up from DC and stayed for the weekend. They have a darling 14 month old baby girl who tested out our new stroller and told us that it's a keeper.

What made you cry: I've felt pretty stable the last few weeks. Though, on the long days I can get a little lonely. Saturdays when the Captain is working are the hardest.

Food cravings: Nothing unusual.

Something you miss: That all too brief period when my digestive tract was feeling pretty good. Now that all my organs are squished I'm feeling a little queasy in the mornings (nothing like before though) and have not been able to train myself to eat smaller portions yet.

Anything making you queasy or sick: see above.

Appointments: Since my last entry, I've had another ultrasound and a couple of dr's appointments. We also did the 32 week "stress test" which the baby passed with flying colors. He does not like those monitors though and kept pushing them so hard they would slide around. We're moving into the appointments every week phase and I guess we'll be getting weekly ultrasounds too starting next week. I don't know if it's New York or if it's just because of his mild hydronephrosis (enlarged kidneys) but it does seem a little over kill. This baby has got to be setting some sort of record for pre-birth portraits.

How's your mood: Good! Getting excited to meet this little guy face to face.

Any surprises? I didn't realized how heavy my belly would be. When I roll over in bed, I have to make sure I manually push my belly too, otherwise it might not follow the rest of me!

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