Pregnancy Journal - Thirty-nine Weeks

Update: We are ready to go over here! The hospital bags have been packed for weeks. Every morning after I get ready I put my toiletry bag and my iPad charger back in and each night I take them back out again.
 How far along: 39 weeks, 5 days

Weight gain, body changes: I've definitely "popped". Lost one lb from last week making my final weigh in a total of 37 lbs. My face and hands have swollen up, as have my feet but that swelling is more subtle. I had to stop wearing my engagement ring early on and more recently have switched out my wedding band (I had the Captain purchase my wedding band a size bigger than my engagement ring for this very circumstance) for another ring that fits over my fat finger. I miraculously made it through without a stretch mark and my navel stayed inside.

the Captain figuring out
the carseat
Movement: The baby is riding very low now and I can feel him turn his head back and forth like he's telling me "no". I keep telling him "yes! It's okay to come out." His other wriggly movements are still pretty constant. Every now and then, when the Captain feels him move he'll look surprised and say, "He's right there (pointing to a specific spot on my belly)," and I'll say, "He's right there?!? Honey, he's everywhere!"

Sleep: I've been too excited to sleep. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Best thing about this week: Granted, this kid could continue to cook for a couple more weeks, but the up coming 40 week mark has me hopeful!

packing up my work
computer for the duration
of my maternity leave

What made you cry: This week was tear free. Maybe my first. Ever.

Food cravings: Everything. I am hungry all the time.

Something you miss: Is it possible to miss someone you haven't really met in person? I'm so excited to meet our son and get to know his personality, to learn how to comfort him, to see what color eyes he will have. (We only just found out that both of Tim's grandfathers had blue eyes. We were under the impression that it was straight brown all the way back-well at least as far as it matters for genetics and eye color. I just assumed all of our kids would have brown eyes.)

How's your mood: Pretty great! Anxious and excited. So excited. Did I mention I am excited?

Any surprises? Just that we've made it this far. I've been a little discouraged after being told that our little guy was going to come early, even "guaranteed" that he would be born last weekend. But my midwife mentioned something at my last appointment that I've tried to focus on. Full term (40 weeks) babies breastfeed better than 37 or 38 week babies. So, the longer we go the better, right?

just one of the many
activities to try to push things walking

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