The Blessings Experiment

A while back I subscribed to receive occassional emails from this lady, Kate. Her website is Sometimes it just bugs me to get more 'junk mail', but I liked today's thought and am going to share it.

Dear Charity,

Hello, it's Kate again, sending gentle blessings your way tucked within the folds of a simple question....Has anyone told you today that you are loved?

I hope so. I was thinking about how much we all love to be told we are loved as I re-read a chapter in the beautiful gift book written by Linda Ellis and Mac Anderson, entitled "The Dash." It is one of those books that I return to time and time again, not because I've never fully read it before, but because I believe it contains such a wealth of comforting wisdom worthy of being read over and over. If you have been keeping up with the recent updates I've sent out, then you are aware that Tuesday, September 4th is a big day for the Blessings Project. I will be releasing a new movie on that date entitled "Has Anyone Told You?" and, as you may have already guessed, the subject of the movie is Love. The unconditional kind. The kind we all are hungry for. As I was reading the chapter on Love this morning, it occurred to me how important it is to all of us and how very much I want you to receive the new movie this week because it contains a message of Love. I want very much to make certain that you are aware the movie will be coming on Tuesday and are watching for it. I want you to see it because I truly believe that it will touch your heart and will be a blessing to you. And I can think of no better way to remind you that a new movie about love is coming to you than to share with you the brief story of love I read in The Dash. Here it is:

"I recently had dinner with someone who told me that one of his best friends had been killed in a private plane crash, and something happened at the service that he shall never forget. He shared the story with me."At the memorial service, his friend's wife walked to the podium to speak to the gathering. She said a friend had asked her the best memory she had of their life together. At the moment she been too grief-stricken to answer, but she'd thought about it since and wanted to answer the question. "They were in their late forties when he died, and she began talking about a time in her their life almost twenty years earlier. She had quit her job to obtain her master's degree, and her husband had never wavered in his support."He held down his own job and also did the cooking, cleaning and other household chores while she studied for her degree."One time they both stayed up all night. She was finishing her thesis and he was preparing for an important business meeting. That morning, she walked out on their loft, looked at him over the railing, and just thought about how much she loved him. She knew how important this meeting was to his career, and she was feeling guilty that she didn't even have time to make him breakfast. He grabbed his briefcase and hurried out. She heard the garage door open and close, but much to her surprise, she heard it open again about thirty seconds later. From above, she watched her husband dash into the house and walk over to the neglected coffee table. Tracing his finger through the dust, he wrote the words, 'I love you.' Then he raced back to his car."The new widow then looked out at her audience and said, 'John and I had a wonderful life together. We've been around the world several times. We've had everything money can buy...but nothing comes close to that moment.'"Our Dash moves with lightning speed. It feels like yesterday that I graduated from college and now thirty-eight years have passed. Although I am very proud of my business accomplishments, in the end life comes back to loving and being loved."

Mac is right, of course. It does all come back to being loved. Love is at the core of every blessing sent out and every blessing received. It is, indeed, what makes the world go round. And it is what we all desire. I hope this message will serve as a reminder to be watching your inbox on Tuesday. And until then, I hope that you will let those in your life know how much you love them. It is not only a gift you give to others, it is the greatest gift you can give yourself. If you would like to know more about Linda and Mac' book, "The Dash," click on the link below. It will take you to a short movie featuring Linda's poem, which is the core of the book and the subject of the title. Enjoy. Tuesday, Know you are loved beyond measure and a cherished blessing to me.

May you be blessed With all things good,


The Hanchett's said...

loved that story. i would love to do a gno in newport. sounds great to me!!!! I am glad everything is going so awesome for you. love your blog.

elizabeth said...

That is cool! TFS!