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I'm not sure what this tag thing is, but I just saw that I was tagged by Destiny on her blog.

1. Schlotsky's Deli : Orem (3 months : age 16)
2. Cougar Copy : Provo (freshman year @ BYU)
3. Drawing class model : Laie, HI
4. Gap, Gap, and more Gap
5. Z Gallerie : Fashion Island
6. Receptionist for a law firm : Newport
7. Broker coordinator, Sperry Van Ness : Irvine

Favorite Movies...
1. How to lose a guy...
2. French Kiss
3. Other standard chick flicks
4. have to add...Jason Bourne

There's no place like home...
1. Provo, UT
2. Albuquerque, NM
3. Taylorsville, UT
4. Chandler/Gilbert, AZ
5. Laie, HI
6. Vernon, BC, CAN
7. Nanaimo, BC, CAN
8. Chilliwack, BC, CAN
9. Newport Beach, CA

Favorite TV Shows... (kind of embarrassed to say)
1. Family Guy
2. Arrested Development
3. Idol/So you think you can dance
4. Survivor Man/Man vs. Wild/other discovery channel & TLC shows.
5. The Office

Vacay (I need one SO bad right now!!)
1. Santa Barbara, San Fransisco, Palm Springs, San Diego & Catalina, CA
2. Oahu, Maui, HI
3. Clearwater & Miami, FL
4. New York & Ithaca/Buffalo/upstate), NY
5. Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Lake Como & Milan, Italy
6. England
7. Scotland
8. Wales
9. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
10. Kansas City, Navoo

Favorite Food...
1. Grilled salmon with some yummy veggies
2. Cafe Rio salad (half chicken, half pork). wish it were closer.
3. La Fogata macho nachos!!
4. Bajio's sweet corn tamales on Tuesdays in Utah. wish it were closer.
5. Quizno's raspberry chipotle chicken salad

The Web...I pretty much get paid to be online all day
1. blogs
3. google

Places I Would Rather Be Right Now...
1. Hawaii
2. I agree with Dest--in my bed, but not with a book just sleeping

and now I "tag" other peeps?
(I guess if you've already been "tagged" before, you're exempt from having to do it again??)


Krainik Family said...

Thanks for tagging me. It was fun reading your answers!

Rapier Family said...

i totally forgot we were models for that art class. How funny. We had a good time out there.

elizabeth said...

kinda jealous of the travels:) Coll and I for some reason only venture to Mexico for all inclusive resorts...