The name Bethany, literally translated as house of figs, is shared by a multitude of places and people. Most commonly refers to the village of Bethany near Jerusalem; which, according to the New Testament, was the site of the resurrection of Lazarus.

Bethany is also a female given name. Its meaning is usually given as "house of blessings".

BIBLE DICTIONARY | Bethany | House of dates | Village two miles from Jerusalem, on the southeast slope of Olivet; the home of Lazarus and of Simon; the village in which our Lord stayed during Holy Week.

Also known as Bethany : my youngest sister.

Crazy as in Cool.

Athletic. Way more than me.

Stylish beyond compare.

Funny as all get out. Whatever than means. Just plain funny.

Sweetest. Always.


i love you forever.


b.elena said...

THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! I love it all!! I was such a weird little kid.. haha oh well.. Love you so much!!! Next time I see you I want to see a ring on your left ring finger.. Step on that John!! haha just kidding, no but seriously..

Love you!!

The Hokanson Family said...

You are such a cute sister to post that. She was the cutest little girl, and now a beautiful woman!

elizabeth said...

haha I am laughing at Bethany's post! Leave it to Bethany to say what we are all thinking...:))

charity said...

Ya, seeing as though I'll see you guys in a couple weeks at grandma's wedding...not gonna happen :)

elizabeth said...

I didn't know you were coming out for the wedding. Yippee!