like a drifter I was born to walk alone

Oh geez. I was just checking in on some friends' blogs and while doing so, kept mine open to listen to the tunes. So, while reading Aub's post, laughing with sincere empathy, it's only appropriate that my blog decides to play Here I Go Again. I totally forgot that I added this gem of a song to the playlist and I still hold to my opinion that music has an ironic sense of humor. Maybe I should take it off shuffle and set it as my theme song. Not that I want to put any negative vibes out into the universe! I guess there's hope in not knowing where I'm going :).

I'm just another heart in need of rescue, waiting on love's sweet charity...oh wait, shouldn't there be a dude out there somewhere singing that part?

Such a good song.

PS, do you want to see something unnerving?

Weird fish...stares at people!

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Aubrey said...

Charity, I seroiusly love you! And I wish you were coming to Europe with me. I miss your beautiful smiling face! It's weird watching The Bachelor with all the Newport girls and then looking around the room and not finding you. :(