You've had a birthday shout hurray!

...One year older and wiser too.
Happy Birthday to You!

Little Em,

Happy birthday today. I just want you to know how much I love you and want you to have the best year of your life yet!

Thanks for being so cute when I was going through my awesome awkwardness. It always made me feel better knowing I had a super cute younger sister ;).

You are my fashion muse (even if I don't follow through with the inspiration and am still stuck in the 90s a bit) and my example for multi-tasking.

Your quirky sense of humor is enriching and gets me laughing when nothing else can. Your determination to forge your own way is inspiring.

You are one of my heros!


The Hokanson Family said...

You're such a cute sister! And I really loved your "leveling the playing field" post. It was perfect, and it's weird that you would write about that now, because lately I've been thinking about a lot of the things you talked about, but yet I couldn't ever formulate my thoughts the way you did. I would really love you to publish something sometime Char. Really. Even though you aren't married yet, you really do understand a lot about it. Love ya! Sorry you were sick, we've all been taking our turn with different bugs here too.

em ♥ russ said...

so sweet. i have a lump in my throat. you'll always be my hero!

Kit said...

Emily really is one of a kind.
Who could ever replace her?

A rare gem and combination of gritty, quirky, hysterical humor and loveliness; toughness and tenderness; wit and wisdom; brilliance and brashness, individuality and obedience to what reallly matters.

I love you, Emily!!!!!! So glad you were born into our family. You hold such a treasured place in our hearts!