sick day

I took a sick day yesterday. But really, it's not like I have a job to go to or PTO or anything (do not fret, dear ones, that will soon be rectified!). So, I guess it technically wasn't a sick day except that I stayed in bed all day with a box of tissues, lots of water and orange slices, and read a 500+ page book. Much like Bastian from The Never Ending Story, minus the blanket over my head and one-man candlelight vigil, I got sucked in. To the point that as I started to get drowsy, my friends were popping up in the storyline. The mind is a weird and wonderful thing.

I only paused to meet friends for dinner to celebrate the birth of this cute girl and to create a fairy friend to be blogged about later. As a side note, I'm sporting a very sultry Stevie Nicks type voice right now.


elizabeth said...

hope you feel better!!

avery misses you! :)

Aubrey said...

i love that you took a "sick day." ps- what book did you read? must've been a good one! oh and pps- never ending story is my favorite movie ever. ever!