Many thanks to all your supportive words! The last few months have been an interesting journey that still continues. Step One: Find a J-O-B! Step Two: Go back to school :). I've been looking at a certification program (30 credits) at a local university in Art and Visual Communications with an emphasis in interior design and wood working. Very different from where I've been, but when I think about some of the times I have felt the happiest and most fulfilled it's when I'm creating something and using my hands. It may or may not be a career. I may or may not decide at some point to pursue an MFT license. I am excited about something new!

Since I don't know who Interested Reader is, I just want to say a quick thanks. Many people have asked who you are because your comments have been so insightful and wise. Thank you for referencing Zion's camp. I had never thought of my situation in quite that way and it was very comforting. I know my degree and training has been and will be a tool the Lord can use on many levels. Thanks!


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

Charity - I totally see you in that new program. You have always been so creative and have such an eye for art. I hope everything works out for you. I don't think any time you have spent helping other people or working on your past degrees has been time wasted - as I'm sure you have learned a lot about yourself as well as helped countless people around you. I hope your next adventure is a great one and you are happy. Because that is what matters.

InterestedReader said...

I'm very excited for you. Sounds like your classes will be fun and engaging for you. That's great. :)

You are very welcome. Thank you for posting some thought provoking, funny, and interesting entries. They make an "interesting read." Hope you had a good weekend.