oh l'amour!

Welcome you, month of love! Is it any wonder why February is the shortest month on the calendar and the hardest to pronounce? Feb-RU-ary. Say it. February. Odd. So is love--in my life anyway: short lived and hard as H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

You know those lists we all wrote in Young Women's detailing the qualities we wanted in a future husband? Well, I think I ripped up every last one of them. Even the one I wrote on my mission, cause after I got home I dated someone who I really, really liked and he didn't fit a whole lot of it. Some of you may remember. Oh l'amour. The point is, I haven't always been a fan of "the list".

I'm not sure if I should admit this, but I've made a new list. Actually, it's a list on steroids. More like a novel, which at this point is absolute fiction, describing "our relationship" and everything about "him" excluding physical specs. Sometimes I even get giddy reading over it, cause he's so perfect for me :). hehe. I'm putting the law of attraction to the test.

Before you all think I'm super crazy (which I well may be) wondering why at 29 and 9 months I am getting more specific when maybe I should be getting less picky, I have a good reason for being so detailed. I have on good authority that God wants me to be happy AND He knows the desires of my heart (& some other stuff too).

Now, my prayers include me asking that "he" will show up in my life so I won't have to go on a global search. So, if any of you know of a cute dude who is responsive, gets teary during the National Anthem, loves the Lord, will treat me as an equal partner, has a voice, is helpful, and will make me swoon please give him my number.


Tiff said...

I've been looking for years for the perfect guy for all the perfect girls I know (including you) but I still have not found any...don't worry I'll keep looking!

Aubrey said...

i'm gonna peruse my contacts list and see if i can come with someone. you deserve the best charity!

Anonymous said...

I read you're blog and I've been praying and fasting about who this person would be that meets all the requirements on your list. While praying, three angels and on cimetar appeared and told me that you should marry Stan Olson. He always cries during the Canandian National anthem, has a testimony, and will make you swoon.

This entry is delusional. You want all these things and you expect God will deliver. Newsflash...God loves all his children equally so he could care less who you marry.

So now that you're almost 30, why don't you grow up and learn to start making decisions on your own instead of going on a spirit journey to find some guy that is everything you want. Besides, if he does come around, he'll probably dump you and go for someone who isn't crazy.

charity said...

dear anonymous,

It is possible that you are right about God not caring who we marry, but I care! And crazy & delusional or not, I know myself pretty well and I know what characteristics will work for me and what won't. But thanks for your opinion. It's about time I got some resistance from a reader.

Collin Stanley Kartchner said...

Love the Anonymous comments...some dude living in his grandma's basement because his parents never loved him, eating a bag of Cheetos, playing Halo 3 on xbox live with a bunch of 12 year olds, trying to figure out how much Rogaine foam he should use to stop his inevitable receeding hairline. Keep those comments coming, Anony!

liz kartchner said...

Of course God cares who you marry! :)
Could you imagine if we made 'decisions on our own' and didn't rely on our 'spiritual journey' now that sounds crazy to me!

Interested Reader said...

Whom we marry will determine the level of happiness we will experience in this life and the next. Since God's work, glory, and joy is completely focused on seeing us happy, He absolutely cares who we decide to marry.

I also believe in what Elder Maxwell used to call the "intertwining of our lives." This means God puts people in our lives that help us not only come closer to Him, but also to bring us joy. He will put men in your life that will make you happy in different ways and will all bring you closer to Him. The right one is the one choose from among this group.

Keep the list. In business there is a phrase that says you can't manage what you can't measure. Your list and values will be a good yardstick to measure the guys you date. As long as you continue being humble and prayerful, you'll be all right. :)

The Hokanson Family said...

Nobody I know right now would be good enough for you, or is even in your league...I'm always on the look out though, Char. Even though you don't really need any help in that department. The right one WILL come along, and you'll be soooo happy you waited around for him. Remember: "the best things come to those who wait." :)

Kit said...

I know this is not the place to comment on your new poem, but I LOVE IT.

Where do you find these treasures?

I suggest you use the same technique you find these beautiful, enchanting poems to find the promised beautiful, enchanting man of your dreams and blessings. Seems like angels are playing a role in both.

LOVE you!