What to say...


I think I'll start with a few photos. The words can come later.

First stop: Chicago, IL
I love this photo that Keira took. Brin so happy to be on her daddy's shoulders.

We rode the train into the city. Spent a couple hours. Ate some yummy and so unhealthy hot dogs and Ghirardelli chocolate. I had to make a stop at H&M...I know, I know.

these kids! how cute are they?

At the Field Museum. What a cool place. I think we had the most fun downstairs in the play lab for little scientists.

Miss you like crazy! I can't wait to see you all this summer.


Second Stop: Potomac, MD

Wedding prep. My dear friend Lorianne asked if I, along with fellow party planning sensation, Wendy Gunnerson, would take charge of the catering for her reception. How could I refuse such a reminiscent opportunity coupled with a chance to hit up our nation's capital? I flew from Chicago to DC on Tuesday and went straight to Costco. That initiated four days straight, on my feet having a blast with food. I wish I had taken more photos of the actual presentation. I'll have to track some down.

Who knew fruit could communicate so much?
my kind of berry.

this is what I call an over achieving orange.

Wendy and me outside the DC temple.

L&L opted for an all white ceremony which proved to be an amazing experience for all. I don't know when I'll ever have the chance to attend an endowment session and immediately file into a live sealing like that. Elder Tingey, now the temple president, officiated and gave beautiful advice to both bride and groom.

{Insert happy photos of the beautiful event here.}
Wendy, Norma, me, and Teresa (new friends and housekeepers of the Prince family--where the reception was held). At the end of the evening, shoes off, feet so swollen I didn't even recognize them as my own, utterly exhausted and on my way to spend some critical vacay time at the beach.


Third Stop: Outer Banks (Banx?), NC.

Me, John from Texas, Liz and someone I don't know. Monday at the beach before a rousing game of football.

Sunrise #1. First of three sunrises I was up for. I watched this one from the roof-top deck at the "Salt Lake" house (aka: the "pretty people" house...long story).
Sunrise #2. I watched this one from the actual roof of the Salt Lake house. I'm sure the neighbors who were up that early thought I must be crazy. Alone and in my pj's perched up on the roof.
Jake and Scott. Taken the day of our check out. I guess I should explain. My intial flight was scheduled for Wednesday morning from the Dulles airport--meaning I would have had to leave the beach on Tuesday. But, I just wasn't ready to leave. My theme for the week was everything happens for a reason. I was bumped on my flight from SLC to Chicago and got a nice voucher for a free flight. I was able to use it to change my flight to Saturday. So glad that I did.

Sunrise #3. I pulled an all-nighter. Oh the things one will do when asked in a southern accent.

{insert more photos here}

Fourth Stop: Washington, DC.

Extending my trip made a too-short tour of the city on Saturday possible. Caught up with Wendy and philosophized about life over a stack of "scrummy" (new word thanks to Clare from Kent, GB) blueberry/buckwheat pancakes and a spinach omelet.

Thanks, Tim, for showing me around the Mall.
ps, Did I mention that my stay in DC was too short?

I love this shot.

One last thing. Click here for the deets on Bijou. Only 26 days away!


The Hokanson Family said...

What a fun trip, Char! Loved all your pictures. I'm going to check back in a couple of days to see if you posted any more about the food you did. And I WILL see you at the Bijoux event. Can I invite myself??? Cause I just did. :) See ya soon.

Aubrey said...

I loved reading about all of your travels. MORE pictures please! :)

T*town said...

Hey, Great to have you out for a quick moment. I still feel ripped-off =)

tara said...

wow. dc temple then memorial day (i assume) in obx? you know you're kind of living most of my 20's!