mes de cumpleanos

I love birthdays. So, in my mind it's no big deal for the birthday celebrations to last a full month + a couple days. (ps, I did steal several of these photos from facebook. Many thanks to photographers, Joanna and Adam.)

Birthday month started with a joint bbq bash for two of my besties, me and Jed (who took those fabulous 80s prom pictures). I'm really not sure what I would do without these two ladies--my social life in Utah would be fairly dismal.

Hands down, best purchase EVER! These garden laterns have brightened so many festivities. I'm surprised they are not in pieces.
The actual day of my birth. We celebrated at the Sunset Grille and kareoke bar in OBX, NC. At one point, a new friend Dave asked me how many of the people sitting at our table did I know prior to that week. I counted one. The ever-faithful Brent Peterson. Everyone else was new. I seriously made so many great friends that week. Absolutely worth using my voucher to linger on the east coast.

Dave, Curtis, me, Dustin, Brent

Brian Williams, another ever-faithful, really came through with the ice cream cake from DQ. So good!
Thanks to my design skills, I was able to take the existing frosting and change the name on the cake. We re-lit the candles and sang again in honor of Scotty's b-day on the 29th.

Not sure what it is about May minus 9 months that gets Mormon's to procreate--but there are seriously a lot of us gemini's out there. Happy day to Dave M on the 28th.

And of wouldn't be a bday without going to dinner with my family.

I love this pic of Q-cheeks. Is it obvious where she gets her nickname?

The cake that no one ate.I am such a nerd. Yes, that is me embracing a sewing machine. I have wanted a serger for years and couldn't be happier now that I have one.

(For those of you who know sergers, don't worry, I did trade the singer in--after two hours of fidling with the tension and finally giving up--for a janome...which I love even more than this picture can display. Watch out bijou. Em, I know, I still need to get you pictures.)
So far, 30 has been good to me and I promise to be good to 30 (i.e., summer goal = learn to ride a full-size moto).

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Aubrey said...

So glad you had a Happy Birthmonth! :)